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Removing Cat Urine Stains and Odour. Some felines are known to have serious problems controlling their bladder, whilst others can be difficult to train. Cat & Kitten Urine odour & stain remover. Removes both old and fresh urine stains and odours permanently, from virtually any surface. Tackles even the strongest tom cat odours. Contains pheremone blockers to help prevent marking. Products may differ slightly from the images shown. eg colours, unless specified in the title or description, are likely to vary. Please contact us before ordering if you have specific requirements. We work hard to keep shipping rates as low as possible and accurate. Sometimes international orders require a higher shipping charge than is advertised online, due to carriers charging by volumetric weight if this is higher (width cm multiplied by length cm multiplied by depth cm, divided by 4000). We will always contact you the same or next working day if this is the case advising of any additional charges. At this point you can either pay the additional charges, or cancel the order and promptly receive a full refund. This does not apply the UK orders, or most EU countries. Customs clearance is the resbonibility of the buyer. Any fees, taxes etc are payable by the buyer. It is also the buyers responsibility to ensure the goods ordered are not prohibited in the destination country. Only the product price will be refunded upon return, regardless of the reson for return. restocking fees may also apply.

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Concerned about cat urine odours? There is a permanent solution that continuously improves and maintains healthy indoor air quality and removes pet and smoking odors, Air-ReNu a paint additive that only requires one application, works 7/24/365 and will last for 10-12 years.

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Thank you for visiting our cat odour remover website. Please contact us with any questions or comments about our cat odour remover products or services.Cleaning the litter box is not only a crucial step to prevent your cat from urinating outside the box, but it also helps to keep your apartment free of the unpleasant smell. Why? Because most smells usually have a source. In your situation, it’s the soiled litter. If you remove it, the odor will stop spreading. If you don’t remove it, all your other efforts to get rid of the odour will fail. You don’t spray deodorant over your body when you stink. You wash yourself, right?