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Hey Anon! Although you can use things like borax and a few other things to treat fleas naturally, those treatments are generally for the house and not for direct application to pets. After trying a few of the suggestions in this article, if you still dont want to tell your neighbour to treat the cat, maybe try using a product that keeps cats away, especially from inside your home. You can find something like this at your vet and you can spray it on your window sills, door entrances, etc. Sorry I cant be of more help but you really need to have that flea infested cat treated otherwise you will be fighting a loosing battle.

Cat hates water??? Continue reading for another effective method for applying neem as a natural flea and tick control treatment.

Whether we like it or not, our beloved pets might end up with minor illnesses at one point in their lives, such as a tick, worm or flea problem. If your dog or cat tends to spend time outdoors, the risk of getting fleas is visibly increased, for obvious reasons, but if your home has a generous back yard you probably won’t want to keep your furry companion in a strict indoor environment. Nonetheless, if your kitten ends up with fleas, you will need to find a suitable form of treatment before the situation gets out of control. Instead of spending money on commercial products like Revolution flea treatment for cats, Advantage flea treatment for cats, Frontline or Sentry Spot On treatments, you can approach the situation in a homeopathic or holistic manner with recipes that are safe, cheap and that provide wonderful results. While we do not have the secret key to the best flea treatment for cats, we have some awesome do it yourself, homemade, natural cat flea treatment recipes (some of which work for dogs, as well) that are definitely worth checking out before you hit the stores searching for Revolution cat flea treatment. Test them out on your kitty and see what option was the most effective by comparison.

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Believe it or not, fleas do not like apple cider vinegar and spraying or bathing your cats with this, is an excellent natural treatment against fleas. If your cat has one or more of these symptoms, learn about the natural alternatives of flea treatments for cats below. We will start off with three pieces of advice for treatment and prevention and will continue with practical recipes you can make at home to help your cat get rid of fleas.

10 Simple and Effective Home Remedies for Fleas on Cats

But not all veterinarians support apple cider vinegar as an effective flea preventative. “I would only recommend natural options for owners who are holistic or for patients who do not respond well to medicated flea treatments,” says Katie Gryzb, DVM, a veterinarian based out of Brooklyn. “I would never recommend a natural option over a medicated flea treatment except for the previously stated cases.”

Natural Flea Control for Cats with Diatomaceous Earth