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What do you recommend as a wet food feeder for my cat? I want to feed him wet food twice through the day when I’m gone about four hours apart. I want to make sure that it has some type of a cooling feature on it. Is the cat mate c20 The only one you know of that offers the ice pack feature? Have you heard anything from other people about how effective this is like keeping the food fresh?
Thank you!

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The Cat Mate C20 is smaller than other food dispensers. There are only two compartments, which means only two feedings. You can program these trays to open up at any time you like. It can be used to serve moist cat food, as well as dry kibbles.

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Cat Mate C20  is suitable for short weekends or days away from your home. Hello Fernando, thanks for your question. If you are in the tropic climate I am afraid that there is not any device that can keep wet food fresh for 7 days. Any ice pack melts and loses the coolness within 6-10 hours depending on the climate. For wet food I would recommend you the Cat Mate C20 but this device would feed your cat 2 and maybe 3 of the 7 days. And you have to use it with the follow instructions: Putting frozen canned wet food without spreading it on the tray and with the ice packs of the Cat Mate C20. And this would work as I said, only for 2 or 3 days at the most.

Cat Mate C20 Automatic Pet Feeder Electric Feeders

my cat easily worked out how to put his paw under the lid of the c20 catmate feeder and pop the lid so i would not recommend that model! Im in market for the sturdiest one around now too!!!

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They exist in all manner of form while providing similar function. For instance, the resembles a blender and is for both dogs and cats. Not to be confused with the Petmate Lebistro, the Pet-Mate line from Ani Mate has a an automatic cat feeder called the Cat Mate C20, which is a lot like the insofar as they both have 2 meal trays. Ani Mate is a UK company established in 1986 that makes doggie doors, cat flaps, feeders, and fountains for humans' furry and fishy friends. The C20 lacks the sleek appearance of the Pet Pod, which is a digital feeder with an LCD display. The Cat Mate C20’s own timers are turned by hand, like a mechanical kitchen timer. The Cat Mate C20 can feed one or two cats or kittens or even small dogs, though considering the name of the unit, you could just give the dog the canine feeder from the same company and avoid product misappropriation. The Cat Mate C20 is designed to feed one or two cats, kittens, or small dogs when you are away during the day, evening or over a weekend. Food is kept fresh in two easy-clean compartments sealed by closely fitting lids and refrigerated by a built-in ice pack. Just set the timer on each lid to open at the required time, up to 48 hours later.