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Cats love cardboard, it’s a fact. This versatile material offers our feline friends many pleasures, from scratching and lounging to hiding and playing. Cardboard is great for making cat products because it can take most any form, it’s relatively inexpensive, and to top things off, cardboard is eco-friendly. Most cardboard cat products can be recycled once kitty has used the life out of them.

The Podium Multi-Scratch Lounger. Cat scratch furniture from 3 Fat Cats.

P.L.A.Y. pet beds aren't made for just one special creature. We believe that every animal, cat, dog or whatever animal brings you joy, deserves a warm and comfortable place to sleep. Our Chill Pads and Snuggle Beds, both durable and stylish, make great luxury cat beds and are available in multiple sizes to accommodate your pet’s needs. But wait, we didn't stop there. Our new cat scratchers offer multiple alluring angles to scratch and lounge, while our whimsical tunnels will leave your cats purring for more!

Your furry feline will enjoy the plush fabrics and ergonomic design, while you will enjoy the myriad of designs available and the easy maintenance. All of our luxury products are made with pets, owners and the environment in mind – so you can feel good about spoiling your pet with a designer cat bed, versatile scratcher or cozy plush tunnel.

New Cat Condos Scratch and Lounge Cat Tree

The Supreme Low Back Multi-Scratch Lounger. Cat scratch furniture by 3 Fat Cats I really love the Kitty Lounger – it is a handsome designer cat bed. We got the Marmalade pattern and I think it looks great in my home – it’s not an ugly cat bed, that’s for sure! It is easy to put together, super duper lightweight and best of all the kitties get on it without me forcing them to do so. Check out Charlie in the final review video below trying to jump on it when I have the cover off. I also love that you can get multiple cover to switch it up a bit.

PetFusion Jumbo Cat Scratcher Lounge

We've taken the same great materials from all of our Amazin' Kitty products and made this cat-pleasing hooded lounger. This affordable bed will be a huge hit with your furry family members. Unique, super-soft polyester fibers attract hair and dander and the hooded feature gives cats a feeling of safety and comfort for hours of cozy lounging.

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Here’s something for the most discerning cats! It’s the and it’s pretty special! Made from solid American Black Walnut and Peruvian Purple Heart wood, this cat scratcher and lounge is more like a piece of fine furniture.Within minutes a spot opened up, granting me an hour with the kitties. The space itself at is divided into two parts: a cafe where the food and drink are prepared and a cat lounge where the cats hang out. A maximum of twenty humans are allowed in the lounge per one hour appointment block. Waiting for my hour to begin, I ordered a coffee and a cat-shaped cookie and sat in front of the windows overlooking the lounge.As with the regular Big Baby Comfort Lounge, the Comfort Throne includes a hidden storage space underneath the padlet, perfect for stashing toys or catnip. The Big Baby Comfort Throne is being made in VERY limited quantities. Visit for more info and to see their other offerings.This was not gross. This was adorable. The lounge itself was clean and well-kept. Cleaner, frankly, than a lot of cafes in Portland that *don’t* have cats. My group was quiet and courteous, and as the hour went on, the novelty of our shared kitty experience actually opened people up. We interacted with each other in a real, genuine way. The cats brought out the best in us.