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Switched to the Breeze system because my older cat urinates a lot and the scoopable litter was making a huge solid clump along the bottom of the litterbox. Tried the feline pine but the sawdust was getting overly saturated …. it was a mess!! Breeze helped somewhat, at least no more concrete-like substance to try to dig out. However, the pads needed changing at least daily and odor was still a problem.

Litter Genie Plus Cat Litter Disposal System in Blue, 8" L X 8" W X 17" H

Hello Starr! the pellets of the Tidy Cats are not biodegradable since they are made from Zeolite, a family of naturally occurring, non-toxic minerals. If a cat eats those pellet it won’t hurt it, but you need to make sure give your pet lots of water after the ingestion. If pets keep eating pellets they need to have the Tidy System switched to another litter box. Some customers wash the pellets. A tip is putting them in a washable bag to go in the washing machine and the dryer.

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Litter Genie Plus Cat Litter Disposal System in Silver, 8" L X 8" W X 17" H The Litter Robot just makes the lives of cat owners more convenient and easier. At the core of its operations it its rotating self cleaning system that effectively separates the dirty from clean litter in under 7 minutes after the pet entered the box.

Litter Genie: Cat Litter Disposal System

No. The BREEZE Cat Pad is specially-designed to accommodate up to one weeks worth of urine for a single cat. Other pads are not designed to accommodate this amount of liquid. The BREEZE Cat Pad is also designed with antimicrobial additives that minimize odor-causing microbial growth. In addition, the BREEZE Cat Pad is the proper size and shape to fit perfectly in the BREEZE Litter System. The BREEZE Cat Pad must be inserted soft side up."

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