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You can easily neutralise bad smells by filling socks with cat litter and placing them into musty drawers or cupboards. Yes that’s right. Cat litter. It absorbs smells and because it’s in a sock, can be removed very easily the next day.

Is it bad for the baby just smelling cat litter? We have box in the living room. I haven't been changing it, my bf's been pretty good about it, but it.

6. Don’t enclose the litter box. Speaking of odours, if you can smell it, multiply that , and that’s how strong it is to a cat. It might be nice for you to enclose all that bad odour inside a plastic case, but terrible for kitty. Keep it open, easily accessible, and big enough for the size of your cat. Shorty can’t even figure out how to get out of the ones with a plastic window:

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Placement. Placing your cat's litter box in the basement or in the laundry room, letting the washer and dryer deal with the occasional bad smell, is the best option. Some litters of plant origin can contain naturalsubstances that in some way temporarily cover up the badsmells, but they do not neutralize nor eliminate them;generally, and although the absorbing power thereof ishigh, such litters break up in contact with the urine,releasing it to the medium without its aging anddecomposition then being able to be avoided. As a result,the offensive cat-like bad smell is produced and thefermentation of the plant material take place.

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Now then, the existing litters with an agglomeratingeffect - normally comprised of bentonites or other mineraland plant materials with polymer additives - can be usedwith good results when eliminating residues, do notsatisfactorily resolve the formation of bad smells, typicalof aged cat urine, since, although part of the materialcontaminated by the urine can be periodically removed withmore or less ease, they are always wastes in the litter andit becomes saturated with the bad smell, which causes theowner of the cat to change the entire litter, even beforeit has been completely contaminated. Such litters aredescribed for example in EP-A-0717928 and US-A-5180064.

Keeping your cat's litter box up to their standards is very important

Odor control of pellet litter is better than other litter types we have tested. Pine has a strong natural odor that overwhelms the smell of urine and feces. The bad thing is that, as mentioned above, many cats dislike this odor. The good thing is that you don’t need to choose a cat litter based on its ability to stop odor. .Is there anything anyone can suggest? I feel horrible for my friend, now having to share a room with three cats. She's been great about it and gives them lots of attention - they sleep with her and her son and which ever dogs are in the room that are cat safe - but it's got to be rough to go in and smell that box. Now granted, my nose tends to be VERY sensitive to cat smells. It may not be as bad as I think. She hasn't mentioned it. But it's bothering me and I'm hoping that maybe I'm using the wrong litter or not cleaning it frequently enough or perhaps the food they're eating makes it worse? I don't have the money to feed them expensive food so they get the Purina One for urinary health or something like that. I run a dog rescue and we've got 14 dogs here too, so money is tight and sadly, food is where I had to cut some money.