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The mats are also designed to remove litter particles caught between cats paws, this means that the litter stays on the mat and is not tracked over your carpet, or on your furniture or wherever your cat walks.

Most litter catcher mats have deep ridges or another kind of surface that catches the particles.

Serves 24/7. Cleans in just seconds.
While cat litter mats are generally a utilitarian solution for keeping messes to a minimum, we’ve witnessed cats falling in love with the look and feel of our paw-shaped mat. Some owners even report their cats falling asleep – and sleeping well through the night – on it. So when you place your order, think of it like getting two products in one. And don’t worry about keeping the mat clean: It actually cleans up faster than you can call ‘kitty kitty’. With a simple shake or two, the Jumbl cat litter mat lets go of all the accumulated litter. Just be sure to do that over a toilet bowl or into a garbage bag.

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Litter Mats Large Cat Trap For A Cleaner The Drymate Cat Litter Mat is the perfect solution for accident-prone cats. The absorbent material soaks up messes quickly while the waterproof backing keeps them from soaking through to your floor. The soft material is easy on the paws with just enough texture to loosen litter and reduce tracking. Drymate Cat Litter Mats come in a variety of colorful designs.

5 Best Cat Litter Mats That Prevent The Spread Of

These mats prevent your cat from accidentally kicking litter out of the pan when and messing it all over thefloor. The same goes for litter sticking to the bottom of their paws which was why I had the reoccurringproblem of finding embarrassing litter in my lounge or kitchen when I have visitors over. The mat hastotally cut the amount of time I spend cleaning up after my favorite feline.

5 Best Cat Litter Mats That Prevent The Spread Of

There are many advantages of having a litter mat for your cat. The biggest advantage being that litter won’t go flying everywhere which saves you a lot of clean-up time.
Another advantage of using this litter mat is that it is easy to clean, simply use soap and water and it’s ready to go! Litter mats are a great invention especially when it comes to eliminating the mess that regular litter makes.• Trap 75% More Litter: Tired of barely-there mats that catch minimal litter mess? At 15.75 x 12", our mat does a excellent job than other larger sized …While completely eliminating any mess is nearly impossible, this mat makes a tremendous difference. I have tried other litter mats but they were flimsy and tore easily; with the Blackhole Cat Litter Mat I was extremely surprised at how sturdy and durable it was.On a side note, while litter mats are becoming more popular and many companies have decided to make their own version of them, take it from me that this is one of the best cat litter mats on the market. Like I said before, I have tried many other mats, with that being said there is no surprise of this mat is a great product based on the .