Kitten Or Cat In Toilet Tray Box With Absorbent Litter Isola

Mini uses the Litter Kwitter "red tray" on the toilet bowl for the first time.

The "red tray" does not have any holes in it and it requires a little bit of cat litter.

Notice the mess my cats made with the sand. I really hope to wean them off cat litter sand once they can use the toilet seat.

I would never do that! Why would people toilet train their cat??? 2 Lazy to clean litter????

When your cat has mastered the above stages and is using the amber colored insert like a pro, it's time to use the green insert. This has a large hole and does not use any kitty litter. By this point your feline friend should be getting use to the idea of balancing on and using the toilet.

How do I unclog a toilet that was clogged with cat litter?

If you have established that your cat is able to be potty trained, here is a good unit to get your cat out of the litter and onto the toilet. As with anything “green”, you need to weigh the pros and cons of the resources used to make the cat toilet training kit vs. the resources and waste from cat litter.

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After I read her email, I looked at reviews on Amazon for Litter Kwitter and CitiKitty. There seemed to be a number of reviews that concurred with Ewa. I thought about buying the Litter Kwitter, but balked at the hefty price tag. Also, when I read feedback on toilet training your cat, it seemed like the bathroom would be one giant mess of litter, feces and urine until the cat was trained, which could take months. With the demands of a new baby in the house, I hesitated.

Can Cat Litter Be Flushed Down The Toilet

Cat litter is usually made, part or all, of clay and clay expands in water. So if clay litter is dumped into the toilet, it will expand and can cause very difficult problems, even cracked pipes. You can try a toilet snake yourself but the best plan is to call in a plumber who will have better tools, knowledge and experience to work with the problem.I did a dumb thing. I didn't realize that it was bad to flush cat poop down the toilet. I would scoop his litter box and flush the feces down the toilet. The litter was just regular clay litter, and I would shake all access litter off, but there was still pieces stuck to the feces.

It didn't cause damage at first so I didn't see a problem, but one day it backed up. Ever since, it has been semi clogged and will clog up easily. We have tried plunging but it is not helping. What should I do?

LacyNever flush cat litter down the toilet, not even flushable litter. Never put anything but toilet paper down the toilet (not even flushable wipes). It will save lots of problems and some big plumber's bills. I'd call a plumber as soon as possible. The problem isn't going to get any better.According to information online from plumbers, flushing cat litter (including flushable products) is probably going to make your plumber a lot of money. Flushing any significant amount of cat litter of any kind down the toilet will probably result in clogged pipes at some point.