In the other bowl, place the kitty litter you want to test

Verdict: Because of the concerns about pathogens, cat waste should never be flushed down the toilet; both the East Bay Municipal Utilities District and Recology in San Francisco recommend bagging cat waste and putting it in the garbage can.

A cat using the toilet rather than a litter box seems like something only seen in movies, and that is indeed where...

Many pet owners are concerned with needlessly filling up landfills with bagged litter. Flushing litter down the toilet initially seems like the more environmentally favorable method. However, an article in poses some considerations regarding the ecological consequences of flushing cat litter. Sewage systems cannot inactivate toxoplasma gondii, a parasite that may be present in cat feces. This same parasite is the reason why pregnant women are told to avoid cleaning litter boxes. Toxoplasma gondii may make its way through sewage systems and into the ocean where it becomes harmful to wildlife.

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Of course, if you can train your cat to use the toilet, you will never need this remedy for cat litter in your toilet. I did toilet train my cat – then I got a dog and couldn’t keep the toilet seat up anymore… my cat has an affinity for porcelain and he uses the tub, sink, bathroom floor…..I created the problem.
No, I can’t block use a baby gate to keep my dog out of the bathroom, he just jumps it. So now I just deal with my cats litter box (not) problems, and clean up after him – hoping I beat my dog to it – gross, I know.

Jul 11, 2014 - World's Best Cat Litter™ has always been flushable

I’m about to take a journey with my cats. To have them use the toilet I’m looking for the best flushable cat litter. I know it says flushable but, is it able to handle weeks or months for training to flush down toilet?

Flushable Kitty Litter: One More Reason to Get Away From Clay

Cat litter is usually made, part or all, of clay and clay expands in water. So if clay litter is dumped into the toilet, it will expand and can cause very difficult problems, even cracked pipes. You can try a toilet snake yourself but the best plan is to call in a plumber who will have better tools, knowledge and experience to work with the problem.I did a dumb thing. I didn't realize that it was bad to flush cat poop down the toilet. I would scoop his litter box and flush the feces down the toilet. The litter was just regular clay litter, and I would shake all access litter off, but there was still pieces stuck to the feces.

It didn't cause damage at first so I didn't see a problem, but one day it backed up. Ever since, it has been semi clogged and will clog up easily. We have tried plunging but it is not helping. What should I do?