cat house Kitty Litter Box Cover that Looks Like a Small Dresser

Unfortunately for cats, all the advantages of hooded boxes are there to serve cat owners’ needs, which is why they are so popular. After all, cat owners, not cats, are the ones making buying decisions. But what about cats? There are several cons of covered litter boxes that do bother some of them a lot. Let’s take a look at them one by one.

Make your own cat litter box cover. We have to do this for Mischief in our new house!

Some people prefer to provide their cats with a covered litter box. While covered boxes can increase privacy and decrease the amount of litter that flies from the box when your cat buries their business, there are some potential downsides. An “out of sight, out of mind” little box is easy to forget about, which may lead to a dirty box with odors trapped inside (which is even less likely to be appealing to your cat). Covered boxes can also be difficult for larger cats to turn around and position themselves in, and may lead to easier ambushes upon exit.

Cat Litter Box Covers And Cabinet Furniture

Make your own cat litter box cover. We have to do this for Mischief in our new house! Attractive and functional, this litter box cover is the ultimate solution for cat owners. The box has rectangular shape and a natural wicker design. The bottom is elevated to help protect your floors from the mess.

Cat Litter Box Cover Pet House Hideaway by BlackVelvetPets

Covered Hidden Cat Litter Box with Decorative Planter
If you're looking for a way to hide the cat litter at your home you can do this in a stylish way with this amazing piece, that can double as a decorative planter. It features the cutout door that provide easy access for cats.

Cat House Combo Bed or Litter Box Cover Kitty Design

The right cat litter box cover can make your house look better, and sometimes, smell better. It also can reduce the amount of litter tossed out of the box and tracked around the house. Everyone wants some comfort, isn’t that right? Now even your cats can enjoy a certain degree of comfort and you can have a very functional and nice looking piece of furniture. Check all these sizes, colours, designs and shapes of cat litter box covers and see if you can find the correct one. The cramped space issue is especially true if you have a larger cat (say, 15 lbs or more). Even my 11-12 pound cats look like they could use something larger than a jumbo sized litter box when it's covered (or even when it isn't).
With this practical litter box cover, you are getting a comfortable surprise for your cat and a less mess for you to clean. Designed of durable plastic, the cover is spacious, easy to clean, and has an open top for easy access.Made of the plastic built-in litter box is an excellent way to develop a functional cat space. The black-and-white cover and the possibility of laying the litter or other details on the top makes the whole can perform many roles in the decor.Looks like a decorative basket or trunk, but acts as either a hidden litter box cover or a pet retreat (just put a cat bed inside, and you're good to go).