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Partnering with odor busting brand, Glade, Tidy Cats promises to solve the toughest (and smelliest) cat problems. Save money on all Tidy Cats products by taking a moment to print out the latest coupon. Then you can spend your hard earned dollars on a few beautiful throw pillows and picture frames to enhance your sweet smelling house, rather than on cat litter.

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Apr 11, 2017 - Print your Canadian dog food coupons, cat food coupons, kitty litter coupons and more I love the concept. However, my cat Eddie has diabetes so he urinates A LOT. I have to change the pad every 2 days. Sometimes it leaks which has caused some issue's because the pads are quite pricey, about 2 dollars per pad. I learned that I have to change it more frequently than I first thought. You can't cut costs with this product, there are no generic items or alternatives to use. I decided to try the product because he would urinate so much in one spot that clay litter would stick to his paws making him uncomfortable and my home a mess. There is no dust and rare tracking with the pellets.I wouldn't change back by any means, I do NOT miss carrying 25 pound buckets of litter up my stairs. Eddie approves and transitioned very easily. The cost is relevant considering the convenience. I wish it was covered as they can't really bury their stool, makes my home stinky. I also learned that for us, the more pellets the better. If he has a soft stool it gets stuck on the bottom and on the scoop. The box size works fine for us but Eddie is a really small cat. I highly doubt a larger cat would fit comfortably. I wish there was a rewards program where you could enter UPC codes on the website to get points towards coupons or something to that affect. Overall I would say this is a good investment and a great alternative to traditional or clay litter. Good luck!

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