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you just need a much bigger litter box
many “accidents ” with litter boxes are just that they are too small ..
try a much larger box , maybe with higher sides with a lower entry to get into
please get a Vet Check too , it could be a bladder stone will need an x-ray to see that .
I also cover the floor under , and around with plastic trash bags and paper towels to catch any run off should that happen .
but typical litter boxes are just too small for many cats .
try a different litter , unscented only .. scents can make cats sick , like a strong scent can make you feel sick .
scents are not for the cats , they are for humans ..

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This litter box from Pureness has a simple design, yet it is very effective at its price. It is the same shape as a normal litter box except larger and with higher sides. This litter box is made for cats that love to dig as the high sides prevent any spillage. This extra large cat litter box is also odor and stain resistant. It is simple, easy to clean, and meant to handle large or multiple cat household for an extended period of time. As one of the deepest litter boxes on the market, this is a great choice if you are looking for something simple and with no frills.

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Large Cat Litter Box with High Sides | Tall Litter Box Furniture Cabinet Also consider what type of litter box you are using. For cats that urinate horizontally, you could try using a large clear plastic storage container for a litter box. These are great, especially for larger cats, because they are big and have high sides. As with any cat having litter box issues, you want to make sure you are cleaning the boxes well and that you have enough.

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Sometimes, the hooded cat litter boxes become a problem when it comes to cleaning. But, not any longer. Nature’s Miracle High-Sided Litter Box is one of the best when it comes to cleaning. Its top is open, so you’ll be in total control. Its inner surface is also non-sticky making it easier to clean. The sides are also antimicrobial and also resist mold and mildew growth. With Nature’s Miracle High-Sided Litter Box, you won’t have to deal with litter all over the room. Its high sides make it hard for the messy cats to throw the litter outside the litter box.

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Experiment with the locations of litter boxes, and with the types of litter boxes. Some cats are more comfortable in a shallow litter box, while others are more comfortable (and may make less mess) in a litter box with high sides or even in a covered litter box. If you have a large cat, if your cat is , or if your cat has , you may want to try litter boxes with shorter sides. They may have a hard time climbing into a box with high sides, or they may not fit in a covered litter box! If your cat likes to make a mess with the litter, try a litter box with higher sides or a covered litter box. Kittens may have trouble getting into a litter box with high sides, so stick with a shallow box until they get bigger.I bought 2 of the white ones and will be buying more. I breed Persians. My litter box of choice has been a storage box of almost the same dimensions as the NVR Miss Litter box. I love the NVR Miss and think it's the best commercially made box on the market -- and I've looked at them all. It's simplicity is perhaps it's best attribute (or one of them). No gimmicks, just a good quality, easy to care for box with high sides. The slight downward slant in the entry is a nice touch as well. The bottom of the opening is just under 6" from the floor. I'm dropping the overall review down one star to shed a bit of realism here. I didn't see a single review that wasn't 5 stars. Don't get me wrong. It's a 5 star box, but with a couple of caveats. 11.25" high wall will certainly be adequate for most cats, but not all. I have two who can shoot over a 12" wall. The entry is also a little low, but nothing to quibble about. Many of my cats don't use the entry anyway and just leap over the high area, so I'm still sweeping up litter, but this has never bothered me that much. Also the reorientation of the cat due to the door way on the long side doesn't apply to several of my cats who squat right inside the door. One will occasionally shoot out the door. But I can't have everything. Overall it's an excellent litter box and I love the quality of the plastic and the smooth sides. It's very attractive.