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what a great way to not have the litter box sitting out! hide the litter box from you and your house guests but not from your cats! everyone wins | DIY Ideas

Cat Litter Box House! I will have a cabinet in my new house that hides Stormi's litter box!

But, if you really want to step it up a notch, however, you might consider a litter box enclosure, sometimes referred to as a litter box "house," and they come in all shapes, sizes, designs and prices. Who knew? Here you go, pet lover, ten wacky ways to hide your cat's poop.

Cat Washroom Litterbox Cover and Nightstand Pet House

Make your own cat litter box cover. We have to do this for Mischief in our new house! Our cat has been with us for over 18 years. Always an inside cat, “Molly” has been a great companion. We are seniors and live a quite life with no recent changes that could effect the cat’s behaviour. Her litter is changed once a day. Her box is larger than normal (has been for the past 6 years) to accommodate her sometimes sloppy bathroom habits. She has a tendancy to not get fully in the box and urine would dribble down the outside of the box. My customized box seems to work but lately she occasionally defecates elsewhere in the house for no apparent reason. She has never urinated anywhere else than in her box but the recent inconsistant bowel movement habits have us worried. She is playful for her age, eats well and generally seems to be enjoying her life although she has slowed down a lot and sleeps almost all the time. She appears to be in good health so what would have made her less diligent in using the litter box?

Cat Litter Box Cabinet - Pet House "Juno" / Black Velvet

Lion, I am in a similar situation. I have had two cats, brothers, for over nine years. One of the cats starting peeing on the floor starting about two years ago and now is both defecating and peeing in the same spot. There is nothing in my house that has overtly changed that I can see that would cause this change in behavior. My carpets are ruined. I have taken the problem cat to several vets who have seen nothing physically wrong with him. I have followed general suggestions with adding litter boxes and other advice, nothing works. The no-kill shelter that I have contacted will not take him because of his history. So what are my options?

Litterbox accidents - when cats soil or spray in the house

The pet house/ cat litter box cover is created to blend into your modern home. It is made from humidity-proof birch plywood and finished with high-quality oil wax, so you can use it as a side table in every room, even in your bathroom.This stylish piece of furniture is designed with love and care, so it can be a hideaway for your pet or for the cat litter pan.
If you choose to use it as a hideaway, simply put your pet's favourite pillow or blanket in it.
For using it as a cat litter box, we'll ship you a litter pan with right measures!
Cleaning the litter pan is comfortable - just open the door of the pet house and take the litter pan out.