World's Best Cat Litter Multiple Cat Clumping Formula

I refused to buy any World's Best cat litter for many years on the principle that their ego in naming it made me not want to buy it (World's Best, they say, PFFFTTT, I say!). I finally made myself give it a go, as much as I hate the name, and I have to say, I have not tried every cat litter in the world, but this one is definitely the best I have ever used. I have always tended towards the wood or wheat based litters since their introduction many years ago, and have always hated clay litters. The problem is, most wood or wheat clumping litters just don't clump that well, so I had been using a non-clumping version for many years. Then, I found a boyfriend, and I started to care more how my house smelled. Thus, I decided to TRY clumping litters again, BUT ONLY wood, corn, or grain based ones. I tried a few (the worst was nature's miracle - that one surely didn't live up to its name), but I really LIKE the pine/cedar based ones because I know they are inert and the cats wont eat them (I have a traumatic brain injury mentally disabled cat that eats anything). I finally saw this NEW product by World's Best, and it fit my requirements of being wood based, so I decided to give it a go. I am so very glad I did! I can say, hands down, this really IS the best cat litter I have ever used! The clumps are LIKE ROCKS. It sifts through the litter scoop SO easy! It completely eliminates all urine smells! It tracks way less than some of the finer grain litters because it has a heavier texture, but it's way softer than pelleted litters, and the cats are very happy to use it. I can't recommend this cat litter strongly enough. It has changed my mind about clumping litters. So long as you scoop daily, the clumps stay hard-formed and this litter last forever without getting stinky because ALL the urine comes out in the clumps. NO breaking up when scooping - AT ALL.

Please tell me what the best cat litter is that will NOT get stuck in her paws?

It's not possible to designate a personal litter box for each cat in your household, as cats may use any litter box that's available. That means a cat may occasionally refuse to use a litter box after another cat has been in it. In this case, you'll need to keep all of the litter boxes extremely clean, and you might even need to add additional boxes. However, it's best not to place all the boxes in one location because your cats will think of them as one big box and ambushing another cat will still be possible.

World's Best Cat Litter Scented Multiple Cat Clumping Formula

Note: I found World’s Best Cat Litter to be much dustier than SmartCat. If you have been looking for clumping litter that will not have dust and will be healthy for your family and cats, this is one of the best products you will come across. It is ideal for households with multiple cats. It can also be used with sifting or mechanical litter trays. There is no artificial perfume or deodorant used in the product and it can mask odors pretty well.

How did World's Best Cat Litter™ get its name?

Unless you have a cat that is really allergic to any type of artificial smell, whatsoever, you will find this litter quite useful and affordable. It is one of the best litters available for odor control over long duration. So, you can even use it while you are away on holiday. But, do remember to dispose the used litter from time to time to make the process easier.

What formulas of World's Best Cat Litter™ are available?