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Cat Lax is a brand name feline laxative, made by Dechra. Cat lax is a palatable formula made to eliminate and prevent hairballs and relieve constipation in cats and kittens of all ages.

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Hairballs and constipation are frequent and painful issues for many cats. Left untreated, hairballs can have a devastating effect on your cat's health, including bowel impaction, weight loss, and lethargy. The risk of hairballs can be reduced through the use of daily brushing and grooming, as well as with an effective laxative. A cat laxative is a safe and gentle way to reduce the discomfort associated with feline constipation by preventing and eliminating hairballs. These treatments help to break down dangerous hairballs and aid in their release from the cat's body. Medi-Vet carries a wide range of products, including Laxatone for cats. Vetoquinol Laxatone is available in both malt and tuna flavors and can be used to treat hairballs as well as bowel irregularity in cats. We also carry a variety of Pet-Ema brand enemas to help eliminate cat constipation in a convenient and non-toxic way and can also be useful for cats recovering from surgery while they are regaining regular bowel function. For cat owners that prefer a more natural approach to hairball prevention and treatment, we carry Naturvet Natural Hairball Aid Gel and Vetri-HBR.

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When your cat is constipated, a feline laxative can offer the quickest relief The additional thing you are able to do is give the kitten a laxative. Make sure you only give the cat laxatives that are developed for a feline. They are produced in a different way than ones for humans. There are two kinds of available. You will discover bulk forming laxatives and also simple laxatives. If the bowel irregularity is mild, you may then want to try the bulk-forming laxative. This will make the stool soft and make it less difficult for your feline to utilize the bathroom. For an organic answer try wheat bran or pumpkin. These alternatives can be used on a regular basis if desired. Simple laxatives are a little more powerful and ideal for infrequent stools. These are not for consistent use though, as they may be abrasive on the cat's stomach if utilized too much. Two popular examples at Cat-Lax and Laxatone.

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Laxatone is one of several treatment methods for feline constipation. Cheaper methods include diet-based remedies and natural medicine. Most veterinarians prescribe an anti-constipation agent such as laxatone alongside a variation in diet or lifestyle in order to control a cat's constipation.

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