10 Ft. - Gemmy Halloween Airblown Inflatable - Black Cat

"We find that using the [giant] inflatable Fat Cat helps us achieve greater public awareness and greater press coverage," reports Campaign Communications Manager Elissa Laitin. "We plan to use the Fat Cat at many upcoming protests."

Gemmy" RARE 12 5' Halloween Blk Cat Pumpkin Ghosts Airblown Inflatable | eBay

The Inflatable Cat In A Can from gives feline friends to those who just can’t bear to have a real one. If you’re squawking about how your cat needs to be fed, tears up things with its claws, or dislikes your affection, shut up. We understand that you’re upset, but the squawking is going to wake up the neighbors, and the block patrol is going to get suspicious. “Suspicious of what?” We may or may not have turned one of your children into a bird. On accident.

An inflatable cat with a fish on it’s tail.Diameter: 12cmUN 070

Halloween Airblown Inflatable Black Cat Jack-O-Lantern Pumpkin 7' Tall Gemmy But there’s an elephant in the room, or rather a 33ft-tall inflatable Felix that cannot be ignored. This lightweight monument was first made for a show curated by the artist about the slippage between our physical world and the realm of technology. If cats have greater currency and indeed some measure of immortality from their proliferation via the World Wide Web, here in Blackpool the curator is exploring what happens when the pets make their way back to an IRL context.

Inflatable Unicorn Horn for Cats - Archie McPhee & Co.

- $799 - We are now offering new and unique product - SC396 Sailing Inflatable Catamaran that also can be used as a Frameless Cataraft for whitewater river rafting or as Fishing Pontoon Boat.

What makes this new product unique is vertical opening in a front thwart that allows insertion of a mast for optional sail kit. Once thwart is fully inflated it squeezes inserted aluminum pole and provides relatively rigid support for it. Additional 4 D-rings are glued on top of pontoons in order to provide additional vertical reinforcement for the mast via optional ropes or adjustable straps.

Inflatable Unicorn Horn For Cats in Unusual Cats + Cat People Gifts

Most New Yorkers have come across some version of Scabby the Rat, the giant inflatable rats used by unions to protest buildings that employ non-union labor, but did you know about the giant inflatable cats used by landlords in retaliation? They were in vogue in the early 2000s when author Robert Sullivan penned for the New Yorker about the inflatable creatures. In 2005, reported of one such cat atop Radio City. Since then however, it appears that unions have gained control of inflatable cat messaging, creating their own version of the cat squeezing the construction worker: If you want to have the best-decorated house around the block this year then this Inflatable Cat with its moving head is the perfect addition to your haunting set up. Just make sure to warn all the trick or treaters about this beastly black cat, crossing its path at the wrong time could lead to a whole butt-load of bad luck!Inflatable Unicorn Horn for Cats:
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