$39.99-$59.99 Indoor Pet Gate for cats, dogs, and other pets.

All of our tall dog gates come in a variety of sizes, styles and materials to fit your pet’s needs and your home’s interior design. Many of these indoor dog gates can be easily unfolded and expanded to cover wider spaces for larger rooms. For smaller pups, Petco has a range of dog gates that help keep them confined to their corner while sporting a convenient design that allows you to easily step over the fence and get to where you need to go. You’ll also find a handy number of tall dog gates that come equipped with simple to use small pet doors, so your smaller furry family members have a way to freely move about. These are great for multi-pet households, with pet parents who may need to keep a dog in place and still allow a cat to roam more freely.

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We adopted a young male cat about a year and a half ago, thanks to my now 14-year old son. Not sure how to introduce Simon to the resident border collies, we simply used a baby gate to give the cat access to the downstairs family room and allow the dogs to see the cat, but not get too close. The gate stayed up for about two weeks as we all got used to each other. Simon is incredibly social and is, according to a cat lover friend, the perfect “first” cat for new cat owners. He quickly started to initiate contact with the dogs, especially Hobbes, the youngest of the dogs. Once the gate came down, we had no issues and Simon seems to think he is a border collie. He and Hobbes are best friends, sleeping and playing together. The other two dogs are very good with Simon, greeting him with wagging tails. Simon is mainly an indoor cat, but enjoys outside time with the dogs. It is quite a sight to see the three dogs lazing in the shade and a cat in their midst. And since Simon is a tuxedo, he even fits the family pet color scheme! He has been a wonderful addition to our family and we cannot imagine life without our friendly, sociable “border cat.”

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Gates For Pets-Indoor Retractable, Pet Sitter Gates, Extra Tall, Extra Wide, Cat, Dogs, Safety The baby gate is crucial in providing a cat with dog-free territory. A nervous feline can hop the gate to find a safe haven, and a food bowl placed behind will be untouched by canine muzzles.

Stylish Indoor Cat Gate/Enclosure - 77″ high.

“I recently moved from ten acres in the woods to an in-town condominium. My indoor/outdoor cat had to adapt.. I tried to find a way to enclose my patio so we could both sit outside together. I was thrilled to discover the Retract-A-Gate online, and the 72 inch width was a perfect fit. When I showed all my friends, they said my cat would jump over. So far she hasn't and she is very pleased with her outdoor space.”
Peg C. - Bloomingotn, IN

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