My damn overly jealous cat peed in my daughter's car seat

Here is a sobering truth: every day we lose 4 to 5 children in car crashes. They are the leading cause of death for kids in this country and yet most of us are completely untrained in the best way to keep our kids safe from them: by properly installing a car seat. “Across the country we find a greater than 95% misuse of car seats,” says Alisa Baer, M.D., a pediatrician and nationally certified child passenger safety instructor (who’s also known as ). But, don’t beat yourself up. What looks like just another piece of shiny, plastic baby gear is actually a sophisticated and complicated piece of safety engineering, and sometimes it takes an engineering degree to use it properly. So we spoke with three car seat safety professionals to find out what we’re doing wrong and how to do it right.

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Once it has soaked in dry the top of the seat with towels and leave the car in the sun with the windows down 1/4 inch. Test the odor when dry and re-apply if necessary.
That’s it for XO-PLUS Cat Urine Neutralizer, Awesome product and highly effective on cat urine in a car seat and carpet. Now lets look at the second method for treating cat urine odor.

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bike cart for my dog | in 1 Bike Bicycle Basket Dog Cat Carrier Car Seat Travel Tote Pet ... How the hell does one get cat piss out of a car seat? I scrubbed it with dish soap, vinegar, baking soda, and very hot water (four times!) and it still faintly stinks.

My cat keeps peeing in my baby's car seat

You will need to order new straps for the car seat. It is impossible to get the smell out of the straps, been there done that times about 5 with cats peeing in my seats

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Keep you pet safe in the car with pet safety seat belt. This Product is Eligible For FREE Shipping Features - Nylon - Adjustable - Suitable for dogs & cats - Size: 1 inch x 31.5 Inch - Multiple colorsFrankly, I'd find the cat a new home. I used to be a cat lover until I owned one that was a complete dick and now I don't like cats at all. If one pissed on my baby's expensive car seat, the cat would not be welcome in my home.My cat peed in my graco snugride car seat. I'm washing the fabric, but what do I do about the straps? I've read not to wash the straps in the washing machine but how else can I wash them AND get the smell out? Do you really believe that putting them in the washing machine (not dryer, just washer) is bad? What else should I do? How do I clean them and get the odor out?Good luck with that...if it were me, I would buy a new carseat and get rid of the animals. I wouldn't even bother trying to remove cat piss. I surely woulldn't try to wash it out of my clothes, let alone a carseat that my child is going to be in. yuck.