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At Ketchum Mfg., we offer pet ID tags that come in a variety of shapes and sizes to match every pet identification need. If you are shopping for a cat, you will find that our smaller animal ID tags or even our will be the perfect fit for your animal. If it's a dog you're looking to identify, try our larger tags or our specialty and .

Proper identification protects your cat. Get pet tags, name tags and cat id for your cat's collar.

All of our dog and cat tags are manufactured locally in upstate NY, and we produce all of our tags in your choice of materials, including aluminum, brass and stainless steel. We produce our tags with your pets in mind - they are built to last and perfect for hanging on your pet's collar for identification no matter where your pet goes. Don't miss all of our , too, including everything you need to attach your ID tag to your pet's collar.

Find the right pet ID tag for all the felines in your life!

Dog and Cat ID Tags | ID Tags | Pet Identification Tags | Plainview, NY For their health and safety and your peace of mind, all pet cats should be kept indoors. But accidents can happen. A door or window inadvertently left open can tempt your feline friend to slip outside. That's why all cats should wear collars and tags.

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Because hanging tags may not be the best idea for outdoor or active cats, you may want to consider an embroidered identification collar or a collar with a slider style of ID tag. Here are some options:

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You do need to occasionally check that the information on your pet's tag is still clearly readable. Engraving on metal identification tags should last a long time before becoming faint, but it is wise to check now and then. The use of collars and hanging ID tags for cats is a two-edged sword if your cat is primarily an outdoor cat. Because there is a danger that a collar or tags could get caught on vegetation or other outdoor objects, you should outfit your outdoor cat with a breakaway collar. That, of course, defeats the identification function of the collar. So, If your cat spends a lot of time outside, we highly recommend that you microchip her in addition to having her wear an identification collar.As well as hanging disk type pet identification tags you can get ID tubes that have your cat's identity information printed on a small rolled piece of paper inside.That makes them ONLY $2.34 each Shipped FREE!!!! I have these for my pets, and they are durable and printed on both sides. Keep your pets identified with new affordable Dog or Cat ID Tags Personalized. You can get the today for only $2.75 from Amazon! This includes FREE Shipping for all order, even if you don’t have an membership. This seller has awesome feedback, so order with confidence!