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Cats, dogs, birds, horses, rabbits, and others--all the animals you share your life with deserve protection with a customized PetWill Pet ID Tag and Online Pet Profiles. Our engraved Pet ID Tags are essential for long-term pet safety, and may be the surest way to help lost pets return home as quickly as possible.

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Along with a secure, well-fitting collar, an ID tag is an essential piece of security for your cat, whether it lives completely indoors or explores outside. ID tags allow your cat to carry your contact information with it at all times. This, in turn, can help others return your cat to you if it escapes or wanders into an area where it shouldn’t be. Purchase a tag online or at a pet store and include your cat’s name, a phone number where you can be reached, and the city in which you live. Additionally, talk to your vet about getting your cat microchipped as an added layer of security for your four-legged companion.

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PetTagsOnline makes gold and anodized pet id tags to protect and id your dogs and cats. These engraved dog tags for pets are personalized for you. PetTagsOnline offers heavy duty metal pet dog tags that are anodized on all surfaces (including the edges and attachment hole), for longer life. Our dog tags for dog and cat are 20% thicker and much stronger than those cheap imports, and every dog identification tag is shipped with an industrial grade split ring.

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Sometimes the unthinkable happens! Your cat scurries out the door without you seeing or your dog chases after a squirrel and takes off into the woods. It’s hard to imagine losing your pet and endlessly searching for them. As they say, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, so why not create a pet ID tag to make sure your best friend makes it home safe and sound. We offer a variety of shapes, colors and sizes to fit your pet’s personality! Custom pet tags are not only stylish, but also practical!

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provides pet owners quality pet products and the convenience to shop online in our online pet store. We mainly focus on offering a wide variety of pet identification tags for many types of pets such as dogs, cats, pork belly pigs, horses and more. Many people shop our identification tags for personal use as well. This includes using identification tags for their luggage, their keys, for themselves to have on them and many other reasons. You can find many types of Identification tags for pets, people, luggage and for other purposes on our online Sparta Pet Store. Our main identification tags are made of well known material that can last a life time. The types of materials include anodized aluminum tags, brass tags and stainless steel. Our identification tags are made in the USA and can be ordered online with just a few clicks.

Sparta Pet Store not only provides quality products but also provides quality and professional services. We make sure that our customers are happy with their products purchased at our online Sparta Pet Store. We also from time to time offer special promotions, discounts and coupons on our Facebook page which you can join us by Clicking Here. We also offer our customers the option to ship their identification tags for FREE.

​Identification tags can be important for your pets because it helps people recognize or know who the pet belongs to in case the pet gets lost or stolen. Anyone who purchases an identification tags for their pets, their luggage, their keys or for themselves have the ability to customize it with information such as name, phone number, address and other types of information. This is important to have on a identification tag so that if your pet or your item is lost, who ever finds it can contact you right away and let you know that they have found your pet or your item such as your luggage, keys, etc.

We offer a wide variety of identification tags which include aluminum, brass, stainless steel and more. We also offer pet identification tag silencers to eliminate noise. Most identification tags are for pets such as dogs, cats, pot belly pigs, horses and other types of animals. However, we do offer identification tags such as military tags, luggage tag and circle tags that people use for themselves, their keys, and their luggage.

Absolutely! When you shop on our online Sparta Pet Store and choose the identification tag that you like, you will have the option to engrave the front and back of the identification tag. Customers love this as we do not print on the tags, we ENGRAVE. All information will be clearly visible and will not erase off from your identification tag.
It's the combination of the Online Pet Profile link engraved on one side of the PetWill Pet ID Tag along with the pet's name, pet owner's telephone number and address custom engraved on the other side that makes this tag a must-have for any pet owner. It’s part of what makes PetWill Pet ID Tags the best choice for pet safety and identification. With the Online Pet Profile link, anyone who finds a pet can immediately pull up the pet’s profile page and find either the pet owner's or the pet guardian's contact information. You'll feel confident knowing you can update both your information and the care instructions for your pet in real time on the PetWill Online Profile.
When it comes to Pet ID Tags, some pet parents opt for GPS pet tags instead of traditional engraved Pet ID Tags. However, GPS pet tags not only come with a high price tag, but they also have a few drawbacks that can ultimately stand in the way of pet safety and lost pets returning home. For example, some GPS pet tags are not waterproof and can quit working properly if your pet decides to take a swim or gets caught in a heavy rainstorm. Most GPS pet tags are battery-powered, and if the battery dies, your pet may as well not have a tag at all. Alternatively, PetWill Pet ID Tags don't need batteries and may still be legible no matter how wet or dirty the tag gets.
Also, even the most compact GPS pet tags are bulky, making them a less than ideal choice for cats, smaller dogs, and other small pets such as ferrets. PetWill Pet ID Tags are small and lightweight, making them perfect for pets of all sizes. Naturally, big animals and larger dogs can wear PetWill Pet ID Tags with no problem, but the Custom Dog ID Tags won't weigh pets down or get in the way when smaller dogs wear them, and felines sporting Custom Cat ID Tags from PetWill will hardly notice they're there. Additionally, the feather-light PetWill Pet ID Tags can easily be worn by even smaller pets, like ferrets. Tags can also be attached to a cage or halter.
PetWill Pet ID Tags can also be an ideal complement to pet micro-chipping. Though it's a common practice for microchips to be inserted under pets' skin in the neck or shoulder area, the chips sometimes migrate to different spots in the body. That means even if lost pets have microchips, they may not register on a reader when someone tries to scan them. That's why The Humane Society of the United States recommends that pets who have microchips still have Pet ID Tags, such as PetWill ID Tags, as an additional pet safety measure, in case scanners don't read chips or a scanner is not available.