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Depending on the type of collar your pet wears, you may be able to write your phone number directly on the collar with black permanent marker. Flea collars or cat “calming collars” can often be written on. Take care to use gloves and wash your hands after handling a flea collar (Note: Discuss flea control with your veterinarian. A flea collar may or may not be the most appropriate option for your pet). Pen-writing will need to be refreshed periodically as the ink fades. While an ID tag is the best option, in a pinch grab that marker!

Collars—with identification–are your pets’ fastest ticket back to you should they become lost.

When your dog or cat is wearing a permanent and visible form of ID it is their fastest ticket home. As we all know, our best friends cannot talk so this is their easiest form of communication if they are found away from home. Obviously multiple forms of ID increase the chances for reunion with your companion. If a pet loses his or her collar a pet microchip offers a backup communication lifeline. It's quick and easy to have done at your vet.

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Pet ID Tags Dog Tags Cat ID Tags -personalized handmade Heart Pet Tag Collar… For cats, the safest type of tag is one that is attached to or clips on to the collar. There are many types of tag designs that avoid the dangers of a hanging tag. A hanging tag ring or hook can get caught and defeat the function of a safety collar. You can search online for a CollarTag for one that clips on to a cat collar.

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Most cats do adjust to happily and safely wear a collar! In a 6-month-long cat collar study done by , 90% of cat owners said they planned to keep the collars on their cats after the study was completed.

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