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However, as an elementary school teacher, I have to be careful about what links I put on my Facebook page. Some people I know would be offended by the James Franco Photoshopped pictures (created by an Ellen staffer) that you posted at the top of your page. You MIGHT want to consider removing them. I know I’ll get blasted for being a prude, but I really think the pictures might be keeping quite a few people from sharing your suggestions. Terrific idea for keeping outdoor cats warm, though.

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I have three black cats all adults all near 10yrs old. I never once left any of my cats outdoors. They stay inside. I wouldn’t even think about it. The streets are way to dangerous for any animal to be out there. About two months ago a stray cat came up to my place and I noticed this cat returning everyday since I fed him the first time. The last snow storm we got I opened my window and there he was just sitting there in the snow and it was several inches deep. I wasn’t sure howhe would get along with my cats and I didn’t want to risk that to be honest. But I called him over and picked him up and took him in my place and fed him and gave him a warm place and TLC I still have him now and although he doesn’t get along with my other cats he’s not going back out on the streets again. My third cat who I recently adopted from the S.P.C.A is still new here. And I love them ll too much to let them out where they could get hit by a car, Abused by idiots, Biten from other animals, Or worse. They are all home and well Loved.
I also have four red eared sliders (Turtles) and two Albino Rats. Yeah they are all my babies and I spoil them rotten.

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Outdoor Cat Houses for Winter | Online Shop | Cats & Dogs | Outdoor Cat Houses & Runs This year there was a lot of new construction in my area. A lot of abandoned homes were torn down, and a new park is being built. The cats used these buildings and land for shelter, and I got worried they would have nowhere to go. So we decided to add another outdoor cat house and include heat in all of them.

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Placing an outdoor cat house in your yard will provide shelter for kitties suffering in the cold. It can even be life-saving. These vulnerable cats are pets whose owners have left them outside, feral cats or pets which are lost or abandoned.

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Winter, and even rainy spring, can be tough for cats who live outdoors. If you have a cat that spends most of its time outdoors, or you want to provide a warm, dry spot for neighborhood strays, here’s an easy DIY shelter you can make with just a couple supplies and an hour of your time.Hi Vanessa!
I love reading about your kitties, as I am a cat lover who recently lost my 20 year old Mr. Paws. Had him since he was a baby so I have many great memories of him. I have 8 outdoor feral cats that I provide food, shelter and after 2 years they are starting to trust me more and waiting at the back door every morning for breakfast. I make the Rubbermaid Tub houses and plan to buy the K&H pads for this winter, here in Virginia it can get very frigid!! Can u suggest if I should cover the outside of the houses with anything, such as old blankets. They are under a large carport with lattice siding so the cold still blows thru there. I put the white insulation panels inside the tubs but may try the kind you used in your pictures, it does look a bit more thicker and more solid.
Thanks for any and all suggestions!!!