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Massage techniques are similar to those used on humans, adjusted for cats’ size and preferences. For example, most cats enjoy having the head, face, neck and shoulders touched, but may become aggressive if the stomach or tail is handled. Sessions begin with simple patting and graduate into effleurage and other strokes, delivered with healing intention, for as long as the cat will allow.

Massage a cat in the head like you would a man and it will give him relaxing mood.

Most massage clients are happy to see their therapists—but Julie Polvinen often receives over-the-top greetings in the form of meows, purrs and head rubs. As a certified small animal massage therapist, she counts several cats among her furry clientele.

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Katooschka the Bengal Cat gives Willow the Weimaraner Dog a relaxing head massage… Simple stroking, such as petting from one end of the cat’s body to the other, is generally used to open and close a massage session. Stroking involves running the hands with light to medium pressure over the cat from the head to the tail and down each of the limbs. By opening the massage with long, light-touch stroking, we can help relax the cat and set the stage for the rest of the massage. It also gives an opportunity to gauge the condition of the tissues, noting areas with increased tension, and to detect any lumps, swelling, or temperature differences from one area to another.

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While dogs love to show affection through hugs, kisses, and cuddles; cats usually prefer to keep their distance most of the time. In the rare instances where cats do want you to pet them, it’s usually a guessing game of whether they are actually giving you permission to pet them or not. Well this large jaguar at the animal sanctuary is making it very clear that he enjoys receiving head massages and actually will not let you stop! In fact, this jaguar asks for more head massages! It’s always very cute when cats let out purrs of contentment, but it’s really something else when you hear this beautiful big cat let out a low rumbling purr! He sounds more like a motorcycle than a big purring cat! This video just goes to show that no matter the size, large felines like jaguars are just really really big cats who like to be pampered every once in a while.

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Feline reflexology, a different form of cat massage, encourages the body’s innate healing ability. Based on the theory that the paws, feet and head are a perfect map of the whole body, reflexology is a system of massage techniques that reduce tension and prevent stress-related illnesses. “Stress contributes to 80 percent of all major illnesses, and reflexology acts as a way to minimize the stress,” explains Jackie Segers, certified holistic health practitioner and author of Reflexology for Cats (Bateman 2007).This cat is really focusing on this head massage. The owner seems to be enjoying it too.
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