Find out how to deal with cat hair problems like matted fur

Aging can be tough on everybody. I have no personal experience with it (if I have I can’t remember) but my 17 year old cat Raoul does. Recently his hair has started to shed more and mat. A geriatric lab screen showed me that his kidneys were wearing out. In addition to hair mats (more like dread locks), he was vomiting and drinking and urinating more. A special diet and oral medication has made life much better for both of us. Your older cat needs special care too. Invest in a complete workup so that you two can share a few more good years.

A homeless cat has had to undergo an extreme haircut after its long fur became so matted and stiff it had to be completely shaved off.

The longer the cat’s hair, the more likely it is to mat. That’s why, apart from regular brushing and combing, it’s also important to run your fingers through your cat’s fur.

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Cat Hair Matting Home Remedy Easygoing and mellow, that’s a Ragdoll cat for you. These cats are one of the easiest pets to keep as pets, especially for families with children. These cats have a very placid temperament and prove to be very affectionate in nature. The cat size makes it one of the largest domesticated cat breeds. They are long-haired cats and therefore, require regular grooming. Ragdoll cat grooming will ensure their fur remains free from mats and hairball considerably reduced. Let us have a look at a few simple pointers that will help you learn how to groom a Ragdoll cat.

Q: No matter how much I brush my cat, he always gets hair mats

Ragdoll Cat Grooming Ragdoll cats have moderately long guard hair. Their fur is short on the front legs and tend to be longer on the hind legs. These cats come in a variety of colors like van, matted, shaded, bi-color as well as smoke patterns. As you can see, one needs to take care of the thick fur by grooming it regularly. Ragdoll shedding and hairball occurrences will be greatly reduced if you groom your cat regularly. You will notice that their winter coats are shed in spring and thus, there will be more hair covering your furniture, clothes and upholstery. Also, if you avoid Ragdoll cat grooming, you will find your pet’s fur matted and dirty. However, you do not have to worry a lot about the grooming ritual. It is simple and very easy to carry out. Let’s go into the details of grooming care you need to follow for your Ragdoll.

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