Ridiculously Stupid Cat Haircuts

The lion cut is among the most popular haircuts around. It involves trimming all of your cat’s fur except for what’s on her head, neck, feet, and tail. Not only will she look more lion-esque, but it can keep her cooler if you live in a hot climate as well.

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Cutting the tail fur is one of the most complicated cat haircuts since the felines really don’t like it when you touch their tails. However, furry cats have trouble keeping their tails clean and might require your help.

Ridiculously Stupid Cat Haircuts (25 photos)

“I look like a goddamned dinosaur! GO AWAY!” | 14 Cats Who Really Regret Their Haircuts The short answer is, probably not. Unless your cat has a matted coat, haircuts are usually unnecessary. It is a good idea, however, to groom your cat regularly as recommended by your veterinarian for your specific breed. Not only will it help remove shedding fur that would otherwise end up — well, everywhere — but it’s a great way to bond with your cat and get her used to being handled in case you need to give her a bath or take care of her after an injury.

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People give their cats haircuts for various reasons: to reduce the flying fur of shedding, to reduce hairballs, and for sanitary reasons. If you do decide to give your cat a haircut, leave it to the professionals. Cats can easily become frightened of clippers, scissors, and other tools, and it’s easy to accidentally hurt your cat if you haven’t been well trained in the grooming arts.

Ridiculously Stupid Cat Haircuts (25 photos)

I have a Himalayan and I do this once or twice a year-in fact he goes tomorrow. He gets clipped and bathed and the whole process takes maybe 20 minutes...our groomer is very fast and very gentle. She cuts his hair as short as possible-not for the look, but because it is safest for the cat to use the shortest blade (the space between the teeth is the smallest and less chance of the blades "biting" and tearing the skin). It's a very delicate process...do your homework! I also would not try to pull a mat out...I imagine that would be quite painful-you are ripping the fur out of their skin.The cost of a haircut often depends on the length of the coat and whether the cat is willing to sit still. For example, haircuts from of Miami range between $45 and $95, depending on the condition of the coat and the temperament of the cat.Providing a cat with regular groomings helps to keep their coats in good condition. A professional grooming job helps to eliminate mats and tangles and reduces the need for self-grooming, which in turn cuts down on the amount of hairballs that the cat ingests. A clean, well groomed cat is much less likely to develop skin conditions.Okay, so we’re pretty sure that you guys know how much us at BoredBug adore cats and everything about them. Not only do , but they have also . Let’s face it – these weird, wonderful and fluffy household pets are simply awesome. And, guess what? Many cat owners and hairdressers out there have begun to combine their passions for cats and hair, and created some pretty ridiculous hairstyles on their friends from the animal kingdom. Here are 28 of the most ridiculous cat haircuts you’ll ever see. Just be prepared to laugh, and enjoy!