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Even though cats meticulously groom themselves, their hair can get mats. The help of a pet parent is often required to remove tangled, bunched up hair. Because mats can lead to conditions such as skin lesions, skin infections and dirt, debris and bacteria buildup, its best to remove them as soon as you notice them. The correct tools, proper de-matting technique and hair conditioner, can help make the grooming process easier.

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Following the medicated shampoo, finish the shampoo steps with a grooming type of shampoo, such as Orvus Paste (purchased at a tack shop), Shaklee's Proteinized shampoo, a high quality pet or human shampoo or a colored grooming shampoo. Colored shampoos should be used last to keep the desired attribute. White, silver and blue cats frequently will use a whitening, brightening or silver type of shampoo such as Sho Sno, F1R2 Snowburst, Bubbling Blue, Nexus Simply Silver or similar shampoos. Tortoiseshells and blacks may use a black coloring shampoo to enhance this coat color. Brown tabbies may use a copper or brown tone shampoo to enhance rufusing. Generally exhibitors of particolor cats (with whitemarkings) should not use a colored shampoo save for one which enhances their cat's white coloring. Experiment and see what works best for each of your cats. You may need to apply a light conditioner should your cat coat be easily stressed while being dried, or if your cat's hair is brittle. Joico makes a nice light conditioner; while other exhibitors swear by a pea sized amount of Finesse or similar conditioner. Apply the condition to the area which needs it and immediately rinse it completely out of the coat.

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Conditioners tend to weigh the hair down and make your cat look droopy and greasy Once the hair has been trimmed, it's time for a bath. Contrary to some opinions, it is not harmful to bathe your Persian cat. In fact, many Persian owners and breeders do so frequently to reduce and to prevent matting. A clean, brushed coat is easiest to trim. Don't spend countless hours attempting to hack your way through a messy and matted Persian coat. Bath your cat with a good conditioning shampoo and follow up with another solid brushing job once your cat is dry. Give you cat a thorough brushing every few days and this will make your Persian's next trim far easier.

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Persian cats have beautiful long hair that requires regular maintenance. They need to be brushed and combed daily, bathed once or twice a month, and have their nails clipped every ten days to two weeks. If you're giving your cat a complete grooming in one day, it's important to follow steps in the proper order. Your first step should be clipping their claws. This will dull these “weapons” if they should fight back during their bath or blow-drying. After that, you should comb and brush your cat's fur to remove the undercoat and any matted fur. Finally, you should bathe your cat to clean and condition their fur.

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