His hair is medium/long and fine

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This is a well made, fairly compact, and reasonably quiet pet hair clipper.
The clipper is lightweight, about 150 grams. It measures approximately 6.25 inches (15.5 cms) tall, by roughly 1.5 inches (4 cms) wide, and about 1.4 inches (3.5 cms) thick. The body is silver coloured and made from a combination of hard plastics and metals. A 2 metre (approx.) long charge lead and fused 3 pin socket plug are included. It takes about 4 hours to charge up the clipper battery from flat, a red LED illuminates whilst charging is in progress. The red light goes off once the trimmer is fully charged and it's then good to go for about 60 to 70 minutes.
The noise level of the trimmer seems to me about the same as an electric toothbrush, or an electric trimmer used by a hairdresser. The on-off button is at the front of the trimmer, it's quite stiff to move but manageable. My 12 year old daughter uses the trimmer on her much loved 2 year old pet Lurcher dog named Bear, and it trims and grooms his coat very well. The noise level of the trimmer motor doesn't upset or perturb him.
To be honest, you could even use this trimmer on yourself, indeed I actually tested it on my arm first to see for myself how well it cuts, before letting my daughter loose on the family pet.
The trimmer comes with a small plastic cleaning brush with 0.5 inch bristles. It also comes with two plastic clip-on hair length guides, one has 3mm and 6mm depths of cut, the other has 9mm and 12mm depths of cut. It's very easy to clip the guides on and off the head of the trimmer, and they do give you a fair degree of flexibility about the exact length of fur which you wish to leave untrimmed on your cat, dog, or other furry friend.
It's a pity that the manufacturer doesn't supply a small carry case or pouch to hold the trimmer and all its accessories, but that's only a relatively minor grumble. Recommended, in any event.
Thank you very much for taking the time to read this review.

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Please answer my simple question: BEST BEST BEST clipper for long haired persians (i have 6 cats at home ain't no groomer BTW) - some say oster 2-speeds, some Andis A5, some say Wahl Switchblade Clipper, i am sick and tired for i do not know which one to get.

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An opinion about the best trimmer for Persian cat hair may vary from one pet owner to .. It is good to get your cat used to grooming from an early age. Shaving, trimming and clipping, is required for long haired cats. Pet salons offer these services but there are also products you can buy to be able to do it yourself at home. Here are Top 10 Professional Cat Grooming Clippers Reviews 2016 that should help you chose one which is suitable for you and your cat.

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This clipper is sturdy built, it features a powerful universal motor, it strikes 2000 times per minute on low and 3000 strokes per minute on high speed. It can be used with all the oster cryogenX blades. It comes with number 10 blade, grease, blade oil, spare brush and spring set instrument, blade guard. Customers who have used this clipper recommend it to anyone who has cats that have long hair. The clipping job is done in 30minutes. It cuts through the cats coat without clogging or pulling at the hair. The cord length is adequate and the clipping experience is stress free.

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