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CatsPlay makes it easy for you to find a cat furniture selection that matches your personal style and your home's decor. By navigating our site using the Cat Furniture by Style link, you can easily browse hundreds of cat tree and kitty gyms...

The Athletic Cat-Gym is a Furniture type goody that can be purchased at the .

This item is out of stock Other retailers selling 'GoPetClub Cat Tree Condo Scratcher Post Pet Bed Furniture'. Your cat is sure to enjoy this durable pet furniture from Go Pet Club. The jungle gym furniture features ladders and scratch posts to keep cats entertained for hours. Made it China.

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Deluxe Cat Furniture Cat Gym...Zoe would love has a ladder...her favorite Check out our Cat Perch the incredible Pagoda Kitty Gym and cat perch has 5 large levels, a detachable climbing ladder, 5 large lounging pedestals, hanging kitty toys, Sisal Posts, a very large cat house with roof entrance and easy 30 second assembly. It’s truly a Cat Palace! The beautifully carpeted solid wood frame cat perch provides maximum stability and maximum enjoyment for your cat(s). Measures a whopping 22x22x70 (unit base – allow extra floor space for ladder). Our cat furniture is the best!

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This scratching cat furniture is one of our best-selling items with no complaints about construction, stability or quality, and the cats just love it. It is 62" tall and stands free on a sturdy base that will not allow tipping over when cats climb, jump or just scratch on it. It features seven sisal cat scratching posts that encourage kitties to play and sharpen claws on them. The scratching cat gym just worth every cent.

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Our twelve-level cat gym is a great vertical activity center for a household with some active size cats. It features a climbing-friendly design with perches, nests, and condos placed in such way that every cat will easy climb up and down without slipping or falling. Invest in this unique piece of furniture and provide your furry friends a huge real estate for endless cat play.If you have a vision of a cat tree that you would like made, please let us know. If you can be descriptive about want you want with your custom cat tree, we can most likely make it for you. Cat furniture is are business. That’s why are cat gyms don’t look like all the same trees you see all over the internet. Those sellers are just “Resellers” of cardboard, faux fur, chip board stuff that is made overseas. Try to get any of them to customize a part on the cat post they offer. They can’t, because they are made in a factory in pieces in Asia and then shipped over to the USA.