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At PetPlace in Miami, we only use metal combs which are sturdy stainless-steel with wide-set, round teeth. These brushes have bristles that look like many bent nails (similar to a cats toungue) for the purpose in grooming. All of our cats enjoy the sensation of the brush and the metal comb – unless there is a tangle or mat!.

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Combs rule the kingdom of cat grooming. Ask any professional cat groomer, and they will tell you that their favorite comb is an extension of their hand. They are the most versatile tools on the grooming table.

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Cat - Grooming - Combs - Pets Warehouse Rubber grooming pads and grooming gloves that fit over the hand are also available. These provide a chance to massage your cat’s skin and they are effective at removing dead hair from cats with short coats. Combs are effective too. They are either fine-toothed (sometimes known as a flea comb) or wide tooth. It may be necessary to work slowly with a comb and sprinkle talcum powder to gently work hair mats out of a long-haired cat’s coat.

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The biggest bang for a cat groomer’s buck can be found by investing in a good set of stainless steel combs—some prefer combs with anti-static coating—in three sizes and lengths.

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