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2. SOLID WOOD~NATURAL WOOD. Quality cat furniture is made with natural wood products that are good for building furniture. These products are real wood plywood and kiln dried and milled lumber like 2x4's and 4x4's. Avoid cat condos made with cardboard, treated wood, landscape posts and manufactured wood like OSB (engineered strand board), MDF or particle board. Cardboard is cheap and lightweight. Treated wood is toxic. Landscape posts are not suitable for building because they are have immature growth rings that warp, crack and twist within months (after you've paid and left positive feedback). Manufactured wood products are also toxic because they are pressed with formaldahyde which give off volatile organic compounds in the form of fumes. While these products may suitable for exteriors on residential homes (which are then sandwiched by siding, insulation and drywall), they have no place for pet furniture. If anyone tells you otherwise, ask them if they'd use OSB on the interior of their homes instead of drywall? Or better yet, ask a local builder why they don't build houses this way. Unfortunately, the reason these manufactured products are used in a lot of pet furniture is because they are up to 300% cheaper than real wood products. That makes for a nice fat profit margin at the expense of your kitty's long-term health. Ouch!

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Quality Cat Furniture can make life easier on your kitty, and can make it a lot easier on the purse of the cat owner. Most of our domesticated felines are 100% indoor animals. We must simulate the facilities which they find in abundance outdoors. Cheap kitty accessories, inexpensive kitty climbing trees are available here. Perches, sisal scratching posts, gyms, condos and affordable pet beds, helps your kittens satisfy their natural instincts to hunt, stretch, scratch, climb, play and sleep comfortably in the confines of your home. To determine what kind of cat furniture your pet needs, check out the products in the various categories listed below:.

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Cheap Decorative Cat Tree Pet Furniture - Buy Decorative Cat Tree Pet ... There is a way to build a cat structure without having to do much construction: Simply use furniture as a starting point. Is there some old chair or shelf you've been storing in the garage for years, thinking of getting rid of? It's simple to cover it in carpet or rope and it can make a wonderful area for your cats to claw on and play with. Run by a few thrift stores to find the perfect piece that your cats will love— it will probably be cheaper than buying supplies at the home improvement store. You simply need to look at them with eyes that are open to the possibilities.

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Exactly, this is a great idea, and all of this can be made by any beginner (provided he or she is careful with their fingers around moving parts of electro-tools, and hold those tools firmly). All you need is a garage or workshop room, a good driller and a router, well an electric saw and some sandpaper would be great as well. These tools of prime quality with materials should be cheaper than finished product and you can keep the tools, that is if you found the project fun and want to do some more DIY furniture (fancy backyard benches anyone?). If my cat were still around I would have definitely made some of those.

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