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Wet paint should be removed before the cat has a chance to groom itself and ingest the paint. Place a small amount of vegetable or mineral oil on the affected fur and rub it gently with paper towels and repeat until all of the paint has been removed from the fur. Wash the area with soap and water to remove any remaining oil.

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Hairballs in cats are more likely to appear in long-haired breeds, such as Persians and Maine Coons. Cats that shed a lot or who groom themselves compulsively are also more likely to have hairballs, because they tend to swallow a lot of fur. You may have noticed that your cat didn’t have hairballs as a kitten, but developed them as she grew. This is quite normal -- as cats get older they become more adept groomers and therefore more proficient at removing fur from their coats with their tongues, which means more hairballs for you to clean up.

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Purpose: The Furminator is a great tool for de-shedding and fur removal on dog and cat coats. Cat hair on every surface in your home is one of the tradeoffs of living with your pet cat. If your kitty sleeps on your bed, there's typically an extra abundance of her fur on your comforter. Removing the fine layers of hair from your comforter is a challenge, but it's not impossible. Wash it off, vacuum it up, pull it off with tape or brush it away with a pair of rubber gloves. You can even find gadgets for ridding your comforter and upholstery of cat hair.

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To prevent your white cat from becoming dirty, keep it indoors. Scoop its litter box once or twice each day so that its fur is not exposed to urine-soaked litter in the cat box, which can stain its coat and feet. After feeding your cat, wipe its mouth with a damp microfiber cloth to remove potentially staining substances. Avoid feeding the cat food made with red dyes, which can stain its fur. For persistent eye stains, see a veterinarian, as this can indicate an eye infection.

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If you have a cat who has long hair and do not take the time to brush it, you may end up with a cat who has knots and tangles that are tight to the skin. When these knots become so tight, they will actually cause bleeding, balding, and infections! The best course of action is prevention by bathing and brushing your cat often. What if it is too late? Here are some simple tips to removing knots, mangled, and tangles from your cat’s fur!5 Life Hacks fur Cat Owners by Cole & Marmalade -- 1) Use rubber gloves to remove fur. 2) Marinate old cat toys in catnip. 3) Make a cat cave. 4) Cat food puzzle. 5) Whack a mouse!