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One of the threads spoke about a cat´s barbs on its tongue wearingdown as as cat ages........leading to good fur cleaning,declining........

.....and, of course, poor health due to aging and disease can alsocontribute to fur cleaning problems........

Was wondering, when would you (or have you) help the cat with hisgrooming.....???

Some cat´s refuse to be brushed, so noticed that here is a productfor ´washing´ cat fur by stoking the cat with a paper infused withsome kind of cleaner......anyone tired it????.......wasn´t surewhat to think as I have a very sensitive nose and hate things withodors as I would imagine an older cat might, too........


Occasionally spiky fur may indicate a lack of , or may be a symptom of . Cats eating a  may sometimes have this problem.

Many cats suffer health problems related to cat fur duringthe course of their lives. Cat fur problems can be isolated, or theycan indicate a more serious underlying condition. These problems rangein scope depending upon the condition, and will be mild or serious innature. In each case, diagnosis and treatment vary depending on thecause of the fur problem. Here are some of the most common felinehealth problems related to fur and coat.

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Having a regular scheduled brushing or groomer visits may help cut down on this problem for cats with hard-to-maintain fur. There’s four pillows on this one. Also, a blanket (I have a blanket problem too) and the inevitable cat with all his inevitable cat fur. I’m rather proud of these pillows, however- you see, a fair anount of my living room decor revolves around the Hubble Space Telescope. All the pictures Hubble takes, as the result of a taxpayer-funded government project (of AWESOME!) are public domain, and so when I found myself pondering what sort of wall art my geeky little self should acquire, immediately came to mind. And so first came the walls:

Does she constantly scratch or lick herself

About 10% of the U.S. population has and cats are among the most common culprits. Cat allergies are twice as common as . But contrary to what you might think, it's not the fur or that's the real problem. People with cat allergies are really allergic to proteins in the cat's , urine, and dander (dried flakes of ).

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Hair loss is one of the most common cat fur problems. Cats havedense hair growth, and a certain amount of shedding is expected andnormal. However, excessive hair loss can indicate an underlying healthconcern.How much grooming your long-haired cat needs really depends on the type of long fur she has. A cat with soft, thin, silky fur may . But cats with thicker fur may run into problems frequently.If your cat experiences an unusual change in coat condition, whetherit involves hair loss, change of color or consistency, be aware that hemay be suffering from a potentially serious underlying condition. It isbest to consult with a veterinarian if the cat fur problem persists inspite of your attempts to maintain his coat and skin.This unsightly symptom is caused by an excess of dead skin being shed. It is often visible as small white flakes on the animal’s fur. While not a problem on its own, dandruff in cats can be unpleasant to touch and typically indicates an underlying medical condition, like one of the following, that requires veterinary treatment: