Characters in Chowder that are of the Cat/Bear/Rabbit species.

I am a 36 year old mom who watches a lot of cartoons and kid shows (My9 year old thinks herself Lord And Master Of The Remote). Luckily Ilike cartoons anyway but nothing could have prepared me for thehead-over-heels way I have fallen in love with CHOWDER! Since this is anew show there isn't much I can tell you: The characters are all reallyweird looking (What IS Chowder anyway? A cat??? A bunny?????) and onecharacter Schnitzel only speaks using one word: "Radda" (I don't knowwhy this joke never worked for me with CoCo on FOSTER'S HOME FORIMAGINARY FRIENDS but every time Schintzel says "Radda Radda Radda!" Ijust fall out of my chair laughing.(For me Schnitzel is thebreak-through "star" of the show) Most of the story lines so farrevolve around food, as Chowder is sort of an apprentice chef. And thejokes are all over the map from goofy to fart jokes to stuff I think isaimed more at the grown up audience. It feels like someone put somestuff from those old BULLWINKLE cartoons, a splash of SPONGEBOB and atiny bit of FUTURAMA into a blender. This show has that certain type ofhumor that works for both kids AND grownups.

The other day my daughter was at a friend's house and I was watchingCHOWDER and my husband came in and asked me why I was watchingcartoons. I made him watch it and I felt totally embarrassed as Iproceeded to laugh so hard that I actually cried! He didn't feel asstrongly as I did about it, but he DID agree it was a "pretty goodshow".

I'm glad to come on here and see that I am not the only person olderthan 12 who enjoys this hilarious, bright,witty new show!

On A Scale Of 1 - 10 I give CHOWDER 9 Raddas!

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Some Cat/Bear/Rabbits can have a large mix of two animals (or even one) from the three than others. Panini, for example, exhibits more rabbit and cat traits, compared to Chowder, who seems to have a relatively even mix of the three in his genes. Another example of a hybrid having genes primarily from only two of the three animals is the that was briefly mentioned in the episode "".

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Chowder is an American animated television series created by C

We are from PA & first time on vacation in New England. Decided to spend a day on Cape Cod & I was hungry for NE clam chowder. After reading reviews on trip advisor about Black Cat Tavern in Hyannis with the award winning clam chowder, decided to give it a try.

Well it met my expectations & then some. Also had the oyster po boy sandwich and my wife had the fried haddock melt which was also very good.

Black Cat had nice view of the harbor from a front deck, but unfortunately the deck was full, but the interior was still very nice & from where we sat, we could still see the harbor.

If we get back to Hyannis, we will stop by again

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