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As its name suggests, Jumbl is a filtered dual fountain that eliminates the need for buying a separate feeder and watering fountain. Its innovative dual design is functional, allowing users to feed and provide water for their cats and dog at the same time. It has a removable food bowl. It also has a built-in safety light, and a super quiet pump with an activated carbon filter that purifies up to three liters of clean drinking water for pets. Its components are durable and BPA-free. They are also dishwasher safe and disassemble easily in a few seconds for easier cleaning.

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Wash bowls daily. Cats can be turned off by odors on the edge or inside of the bowl. Stainless steel or ceramic bowls are easier to keep clean, and some cats seem to prefer shallow glass or metal bowls. Keep the bowl filled to the brim, cats have very sensitive whiskers and usually don't enjoy putting their faces all the way into a bowl.Some cats will drink more if a drop or two of tuna juice (from canned tuna in water) is added to the bowl, or ice cubes made from flavored broth mixed with water. If you try this, make sure to still provide a separate bowl of fresh water.Provide a water source away from the food bowl. Cats seem to enjoy drinking water more when it is away from their food dish. This also encourages natural hunting/foraging behaviors to place water in more than one area.Moving water is irresistable to most cats. Try leaving a dripping faucet on or purchase a cat water fountain. Fountains are excellent at keeping the water fresh and at keeping your cat entertained. Most pet stores carry cat fountains.Milk is a good treat if your cat is not lactose intolerant, however cats do not need milk. Water is still the best thing for your cats health.Experiment with your cat. Find his/her favorite water habits and encourage them. By keeping your cat hydrated, you can improve your cat's health and extend his life.Please call your veterinarian if you notice any changes in your cats water intake as this can be an early warning sign for medical problems.

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However, most consider water less of a plaything than a dish best served fresh. To some cats, that means moving water is preferable to the sort that sits still in a dish for hours. So it is that some prefer to drink aerated water directly from the tap, a fountain or even the toilet.
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