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This is an important difference between BLUE Wilderness and many other wet cat foods. Some brands use wheat as a thickening agent in their food, but wheat has been known to cause allergies in some .

Your veterinarian may have put your cat on a prescription formula food that only comes in wet form.

Blended or mixed feeding routines can offer the best of both worlds. With a blended feeding routine, you may feed your cat dry food in the morning, and wet in the evening. This way, she can graze on the dry food throughout the day if she chooses, and you can dispose of any dried out wet food before going to bed. There is also the option of , which can also help her get additional moisture with her meal. Keep in mind, though, that it is still important to maintain proper portion control to ensure your cat is getting the proper amount of nutrients to maintain a healthy weight.

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Buy 6 Meow Mix Wet Cat Food Cups, Now, to determine whether to feed your aging cat wet cat food or dry cat food, first ask the following questions:.25Use (1) Final Cost: Wet Cat Food Iams.17 each after coupon wyb 6 Get together a group of cat owners, and everyone will have a different opinion when it comes to the wet vs. dry food. To understand the issues, you need to understand the cat's physiology.

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Get together a group of , and everyone will have a different opinion when it comes to the wet vs. dry food. To understand the issues, you need to understand the cat’s physiology.

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I’m not sure the real expensive cat food is that much better but I don’t feed really cheap stuff, going thru about ten dollars a day in just canned wet food. Feedng less kibble now for their health, hence the high cost of wet foodSo how do you fix this? Well, short of using a syringe to force feed your cat water, you might want to think about switching your cat to a wet food diet, or at least a partial wet food diet.You need to decide on a pet food, but which do you choose? The tuna or the turkey? The lamb or the beef? The wet or the dry? It can feel confusing, but it is not as complicated as it looks. Some people decide which foods to feed to their pets based on previous experience with pets, some base their decision on what friends feed to their pets, some stick to what the breeder has recommended, and some go by what their veterinarian advises. And then there is the influence of hundreds of television and magazine advertisements, all of which claim to be the highest quality.Q: Is it better to feed an adult cat wet or dry food? Our vet is really against dry food, but I hear different things from other friends’ vets.Cat food conversations are littered with passionate opinions concerning whether or not cats should eat like they do in the wild or if they should avoid carbs, if they should consume dry food for better dental health or if they should eat wet food for better hydration, and the like. For the average cat owner, the ongoing debates make it challenging to figure out what a healthy diet looks like for a domestic cat. To find the best food for your cat, it’s essential to figure out which opinions are rooted in science, which are long-standing myth, and which are somewhere in between. Adjust feeding as appropriate to keep a healthy body condition. For cats who are fed both wet and dry food, adjust your feeding routine to maintain a healthy body condition as instructed by your veterinarian.