Cat Nutrition: How to Choose the Best Food for Your Cat

"Vet recommended." You see the words on everything from pet food and dog treats to flea medication and pet toothpaste. But what does it mean and why should you pay attention to it? Whether a product or method of pet care is recommended by a consensus of veterinarians or your personal vet, all vet recommendations are an important part of determining the best care for your furry companion.

Purina ONE is a veterinarian recommended cat food blend that looks after your pets total health.

Agreed. My cat showed signs of early kidney disease and her vet recommended a prescription diet. I asked why and was told that foods high in phosphorous were not good for cats with kidney issues. I tried giving her the prescription diet foods, but she wouldn’t eat them (and yes, they weren’t too kind on my pocket either). I ended up doing my own research on cat foods that were low in phosphorous and found a natural brand (Wellness) with very low levels, as well as very low or no grains, which the kidneys find hard to process. I figured she’s better eating SOMETHING that’s relatively healthy rather than not eating food she doesn’t like at all. She tried it and loves it ! I believe the vet had her best interests at heart, but was a little sceptical, seeing the prescription foods stocked on their shelves that they are encouraged to push to patients. When in doubt, it pays to do your own research.

Premium foods - These are often considered the "name brand" pet foods

Some of the Canidae cat food recipes seem good. My vet actually recommended their dog food as a good brand to try for my own pup. Vets usually recommend dry food for cats because it gives them a good natural teeth cleaning as they need to chew on kibbles and this creates a brushing effect. If your cat has teeth removed and only eating wet food, it may be subject to gum infections. You just need to brush your cat’s remained teeth and gum to prevent this. I am not sure of other reason other than this.

Commercial Cat Foods - Feeding Your Cat

About your recommended wet food brands-I went online to Addictions’ website and visited the store near me that stated they had it. When I went there, they stated they no longer carried it, however, the store manager recommended Weruva (the carrageenan and grain free version) as the best. Are you familiar with this brand? I only want to feed her the best. Money is not a concern. I have been trying to do my own research, but have not been very successful (and my vet recommended only dry food for her teeth).
The second brand you mentioned, Authority, is it the one that’s only sold at PetSmart? That’s the only one I was able to locate. Lastly, how do you feel about eventually incorrportating raw food in her diet?

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