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An airtight pet food storage bin, called sold at PetSmart, is blamed for the horrific death of a cat that died of suffocation after trying futily to escape its plastic prison. Pet parent Kari Willett came home to find her beloved cat dead at the bottom of the bin among tins of pet food, lying in a crumpled heap, after furiously trying to get free.

Pet Food Storage Container Dogs Cats Airtight Bin Rolling Wheels 50 Pound New #VanNess

We all love buying one product to solve multiple problems, and cat food storage is no exception. Try using a dual-bin garbage can like from The Container Store to keep your cat’s dry food and toys in the same place but separate by bin. If you’ve got lots of bite-size treats in addition to dry food, a is another great option to help clear up some counter space and keep food and treats in the same place.

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Dishes Feeders and Fountains 177789: Dog Food Storage Vault Container Pet Cat Airtight Bin Fresh Vittles 25 Lb Box BUY IT NOW ONLY: $32.38 Plastic, glass or metal bins can also help protect dog food from the elements and from insects, rodents and other vermin; but owners should still place the food inside its original bag rather than pouring the kibble directly into a container. Store the bag or container off of the floor in a cool and dry location. Bins on wheels simplify the storage and movement of large bags of food.

Store your pet's food in the Pet Food Container

This is an example of a storage tub setup, with a shelter, running wheel, food dish, and water bottle. The floor of the bin is covered with a pine-pellet cat litter for easy clean-up, and several round kitty toys are available for the hedgie to play with. Make sure wheels have solid floors to avoid pinching toes or quills, and that toys are non-toxic and chew-resistant.

This pet storage container is made from food contact approved plastic