Top 38 Complaints And Reviews About Purina Pro Plan Cat Food

FTC disclosure: This food was sent to me for review by the manufacturer. I received no compensation for this review. All reviews on The Conscious Cat will always reflect my honest opinion, or, as the case may be, Allegra and Ruby’s honest opinion.

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It was recommended by the pet store where a friend of the family worked. Our cat was quite happy with this food over the previous brand. Our cat also did not get as fat as our neighbor's cat who ate a less known brand.

Cat Food Reviews Top Healthiest Dry Foods

Click on any product below for our in-depth, fact-based, unbiased cat food review! Hi there , I just stumbled on ur article and got me interested , now my problem is I live in Amman Jordan , and we don’t have the high quality brands that you have either in Canada or the states , we have royal canin , happy cat , ANF Tamiami , taste of the wild .I’ve been going crazy trying to find a good balanced food for my baby read sooooooo many reviews and articles and I’m more confused than ever 😅 Can you give me ur feed back on Tamiami and happy cat ?

Cat Food Reviews Top Healthiest Dry Foods

I got a shipping update from Chewy that my autoship of Orijen was changing without an explanation why so I started looking into it. Us folks in the USA will no longer be able to get the version made in Canada and instead will be getting the version now made in KY. Lots of reviews I have read did not have good things to say about the changes or their cats reaction to the changes. So…I stocked up on all the Canada version I could and am hunting for a new food.

Cat Food Reviews Top Healthiest Dry Foods

Natural Balance Original Ultra Formula is a lot cheaper than other premium cat foods that meet reviewer approval, but that's because it includes more cost-cutting grain. That's offset by lots of high-quality meat and other ingredients, however. The company's safety record isn't as perfect as some, but it's responded by putting a comprehensive product testing program in place. I ordered 24-can cases of Newman's turkey and chicken cat food based on reviews. My cat won't touch either of them. It's a sharp-smelling paste. Not sure what's in it...We agree. For best health and nutrition, the best guidance we found was to feed a diet that's species-appropriate -- and for a cat, that means meat, and lots of it. That's a characteristics of all the foods we name as the Best Reviewed or that are worth considering.We started by reviewing cat food evaluations conducted by pet nutritionists that focus on ingredients, dietary and nutritional values, and taste and texture of the cat foods. Then we compare those evaluations with the actual dining, digestion, and health responses of the cat who eat the foods - via the cat's parents, of course, who review the foods on Amazon and PetSmart. From these we chose the top 5 based on the the highest grade ingredients, the sources of the ingredients, proportions (e.g., proteins vs. carbs, added nutrients, etc.) and, of course, the cat (mom and dad) reviews.