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Even though some experts point out that cats haven't evolved to digest grains well, some premium cat foods do include better-quality grains. Such foods cost less than grain-free foods but are still top quality, making them a good choice when cost is a consideration.

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Hi Saadia, I will take a look at the brand you mentioned. Dry cat foods are good as long as you take care of several factors: #1 proper hydration of your cat through daily water intake and wet food, 2# premium dry cat foods without excess of phosphorous or magnesium, #3 providing smaller amounts of dry food than with a regular cat food. This is because high quality cat foods are much more concentrated in proteins than regular cat food so you need to feed your cat smaller amounts to avoid risk of dehydration and finally #5 cat foods without fish on main 5 ingredients are more suitable for male cats, althought they work fine with some male cats that eat more wet than dry food and that drink lots of water, but it’s always good not to test that water if you aren’t sure. Hope that helps!

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Regal Cat Bites | Pet Food Ratings Two months ago, I purchased, through Amazon, 4 cases of the Limited Ingredient Diet, Real Chicken Recipe. The first 4 cases were great, good moisture and color of the product. My cats loved it. Cost per case, $33.08. The next 4 cases that I purchased for this month are not good. Dry, very little moisture, a dark color and does not smell well at all. My cats will not eat it. So THAT puts me into a bind, thought I had a good source of quality food, NOT... Being I am low income, I am stuck with 3 and one half cases, $115.78 worth of useless canned cat food. I will be contacting Amazon to see if I can return these and get a credit. Merrick was a good choice for cat food, years ago but being they have sold out to the Nestle corporation I truly doubt they care about pet health and only about MONEY.

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Orijen cat food gets the highest possible rating of five stars for its healthy and nutritious cat food made from fresh proteins, fruits, and vegetables. This Canadian company uses human-grade meats such as free-range, antibiotic-free …

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If there's a caveat with Weruva it's that its moisture content is higher than many other cat foods. That's great for hydration, but not so much for food costs as you'll need to feed more to get as many calories. Still, if your cat prefers its meals on the juicy side, they'll be sure to lap up Weruva.That being said, by-products are not all created equally. Some by-products are highly nutritious; some are next to worthless. Reputable cat food companies choose quality by-products to include in their foods. Choosing a pet food company you can trust is an important consideration when it comes to pet foods that contain by-products.We give Friskies Cat Food a very low rating for its lack of quality protein and inclusion of cheap fillers. A quick look at the ingredient lists reveals that corn and corn gluten meal are …As we wrote about on , pet food is easily the most requested item by GoodGuide users, and the full ratings were published today, including . Because GoodGuide rated both dry and wet food for cats and dogs, we've decided to publish two separate articles. You can read about the cat food ratings below, and the dog food ratings .