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Only one of my cats eats in here, the other is fed in another room due to different dietary needs. So I made the personalized pet food mat for my cat, Lois.

√ I highly recommend this cat food mat for all cats and small dogs. Especially for messy pets.

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Pet food placemats are Great gift ideas too!

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√ I highly recommend this cat food mat for all cats and small dogs. Especially for messy pets. Dog food mats aren’t just decorative – they’re an important part of keeping your dog’s eating area clean. Most dogs are messy eaters and drinkers. Food mats catch spills and messes, as well as drool and slobber. Some food mats have a raised edge to assure that the food never touches the floor. This prevents your dog from eating directly off of the floor and congesting harsh chemical residue that are in floor cleaning products. It also makes your life easier, since it is easy to clean up leftover food. Remember to give the food mat a good hand washing or wipe on a daily basis to avoid bacteria growth.

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If you set up 2 or more feeders, you can identify each unit with its respective cat by purchasing extra colored bowls and mats or simply to have a backup set. Mats are designed to catch spilled food and they match the bowls.

Not Just a Cat Litter Mat - GREAT Pet food Mats too

One of the best things that we can give our pets is a cat food mat. These items protect the foods that they eat from going to the floor. There are many times when bacteria and other harmful organisms are living on the floor. I don’t even want to mention that there are traces of detergents and other poisonous substances on the floor. These things can kill our pets or make them sick. The cost of curing them can be very costly. It is a lot easier to maintain good health than to cure sickness. So don’t take it for granted.2. - These items are beautiful. They are designed by creative people who know their art. I've merely used this product for some time. Not surprisingly, additional analysis will be required, nonetheless the positive results are amazing. I bought this cat food mat but wished to give it some time before rating it. It helps keep floors clean which is suitable for me. If you want to protect your floors from food particles then this item is a very good choice.