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I stood there with my mouth agape, trying to figure out how they had managed to do this – and why they were so fascinated by this cat food. I’ve never seen them do this, and our bag of cat food that we had been using was still sitting right next to the knocked over GOODLIFE™ dry cat food, open and untouched. Go figure. Needless to say, I put the bag up on a shelf, which turned out not to be the brightest idea. Roar jumped onto the shelf from (I assume) the washing machine and knocked the entire bag off the shelf. Closing the bag didn’t seem to help either, and I didn’t have a spare bin to store it.

Give your cats the good life and choose their food wisely. They’ll love you for it!

You have already learned a few details about Goodlife’s cat food recipes and all three of their formulas are made with a. The inclusion of real chicken and chicken meal as the top two ingredients makes this formula protein-rich – it also contains chicken by-product meal as the fourth ingredient. It is somewhat troubling to see brown rice, a grain, included in the formula in addition to some questionable carbohydrates such as brewer’s rice and brewer’s dried yeast.

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Save $2 off any 1 bag of GOODLIFE™ Dry Food for Cats with this  (expires 9/13/2015) We've had the same family cat for about 10 years now. I prefer to feed her high quality cat food (due to her health issues and stomach sensitivity), but I do switch up brands now and again when I find a good deal. I came across the Goodlife cat food in my supermarket and it seemed to tout high end quality, nutrition and taste for my kitty. Since I had a coupon for it, I decided to buy it.

Well, my cat turned her nose to this food. I kept it in her bowl for 2-3 days and she would not touch it! I did everything I could to get her to eat it. I even went back and got a different flavor with another coupon. Still, kitty would not approve. It wasn't until I gave up and put another brand of food down there that my cat would partake. Now, I didn't try this food myself, buy my pet was telling me it was not good. I tried to give the leftover bags to my neighbor who feeds stray cats, and she told me that those cats wouldn't eat it either! That was quite surprising!

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I have three cats and I used to have to buy 2 kinds of cat food to please all three. Now I have finally found a food that all agree on. I have one cat that would throw up if I did not buy her a certain kind of food so I kept trying different things (because of course they never had what I had gotten the previous time). Well, when I tried Goodlife Cat food, all 3 cats started eating it. It is a little pricey, but I am not having to clean up anyone's vomit. That's a plus.

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