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3. Feeding the cat food that is higher in fiber can help prevent constipation. Also, be sure the cat is drinking enough water, which promotes a more comfortable passage of stools. To encourage the cat to drink more water, place several bowls around the home. Be sure the water bowl is not near the litter pan, as the smell of the litter pan deters the cat from drinking the water. According to veterinarian Dr. Bari Spielman, you should encourage constipated cats to become more active, as exercise can also help stimulate the bowels. Brush the cat regularly to prevent hairballs, which may block the digestive tract. If the cat stops eating, begins vomiting or seems to be depressed, or if the home remedies do not work in 24 hours, call the vet.

Dry food isn't recommended for CRF cats, the dry food is so low in moisture, and dehydration leads to chronic constipation.

I thought that I just had to drop you a line to thank you for promptly sending to me your Constipation Full Treatment Pack back in April. I have been using the Lax-eze since then by mixing it in with my cat Poppy's food and it has helped her tremendously. It has really helped her constipation problem and I am so glad that I surfed the net and found your company. To be honest I had given up all hope of helping her and to find a good fibre based natural product is fantastic! I have just placed a second order to carry her on with the treatment. Kind Regards

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There are several cat food for constipation choices that have knownproperties for helping with feline constipation. These are: I just wanted to write to you and inform you how completely satisfied I am with your products. A few weeks ago I took my seven year old cat to the vet due to his inability to have a bowel movement. After spending two hundred dollars on x rays it was determined that he was impacted with feces. The vet gave him an enema and prescribed Lactulos. He told me to give it to him until the bottle was finished. Total vet bill was about $250.00. Unfortunately, after spending all this money I found the Lactulos was doing absolutely nothing to help his problem as it had no positive effect at all. I spent considerable time on the internet researching different products that I felt could be helpful. Although I was reluctant to make such a purchase on-line I felt that it was necessary as the vet's therapy was just not working. I purchased the Anit-Constipation Full Treatment Pack. The cost was not cheap but I was encouraged by the testimonials and how helpful your products had been for others. I gave my cat a few drops of the anti-constipation formula on two occasions over four hours. I then went to bed. Upon awakening the next morning I checked his litter box. To my surprise my cat had a healthy bowel movement for the first time in about a week and a half. The only thing different in his diet during this time was that I had administered the anti-constipation drops to him. I have now begun to give him about a teaspoon of Lax-eze mixed in to his dry food as a preventative. So far he seems to be tolerating it well. Thanks for your products. They perform as advertised.

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Hi - I just bought this product from you last week, and am thrilled at how well it worked. My cat, Nina, 15 years old, has been experiencing constipation for several years. I had been mixing raw pumpkin with her food, but that stopped helping. She had mostly stopped using her litter box for bowel movements, as she had to strain so much. It was getting to the point where she would/could not go for up to a week at a time, then would have a huge movement that was very painful for her. Your product arrived on a Tuesday, and I started giving it to her that evening, mixed with her wet food. For the first week, I was giving it to her daily, now every other day. She seems to be as good as new! No more straining, no more random deposits, and the litter box is well-used. We are both DELIGHTED with your product, and I have already recommended it to others. Thanks from both of us!

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