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The Merrick Pet Care Company was founded in 1988 and this company offers handcrafted, all-natural pet foods for both dogs and cats. All of produced in small batches to ensure quality. The Limited Ingredient Diet line of grain-free formulas for cats is designed to provide complete and balanced nutrition for cats without triggering food allergies. These cat food formulas are made with a simple list of ingredients including high-quality proteins and digestible carbohydrates. Additionally, all of the formulas belonging to this product line are free from corn, grains, and gluten.
The Limited Ingredient Diet line of cat foods from Merrick includes three dry food formulas and four wet food formulas. The main sources of protein used in these formulas include salmon, turkey, and chicken for dry food and an additional duck flavor for wet food. These products are made with a single source of protein to provide your cat with the vitamins and minerals he needs. All of the formulas in this line of products are also made with gluten-free and grain-free carbohydrates like potatoes and peas, plus they contain dried fermentation products to help support healthy digestion. Like all of Merrick’s products, these cat foods are also free from artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives.

So on that note I need some ideas about which dry foods are the best for cats with allergies

The most commonly used tool for the veterinary diagnosis of food allergies is the elimination diet, a time-consuming but effective method in which the cat’s daily diet is switched to either a limited ingredient commercial cat food or a specialized hypoallergenic food. Some cat owners may choose to feed their cat a homemade diet of unseasoned meats, although this should only be done with the advice of a feline nutritionist in order to ensure the cat gets the appropriate ratio of nutrients to best support their system. Elimination diets are frequently made up of novel ingredients which are defined as any proteins or carbohydrates that are not currently included the cat’s current diet, preferably ingredients that the animal has never been introduced to.

How to Heal Your Pet's Food Allergy

For cats with food allergies, we also usually start with a Science Diet prescription food Anyways - it is much easier to do food trials with wet foods as it is much easier to find simple wet foods that don't contain multiple meat proteins and grains. Most cats are just fine with a chicken or turkey-based formula and those are especially easy to find, so I would try that first. Some good brands include Wellness, Merrick, Evo, Nature's Variety, & Nature's Logic. And of course you can try the limited ingredient foods that Natural Balance offers like the duck and green pea. The NB formulas are much better than the limited ingredient veterinary formulas. Common allergens in cats include grains, beef, and fish, so try to pick formulas that don't contain these ingredients.

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Dogs and cats with long-standing skin or gastrointestinal troubles may be suffering food allergy. Once you’ve dispelled , you’re ready to test. If you’re really serious about identifying a dietary allergen, forget expensive and unreliable blood tests, and go straight to a food elimination trial. If the response to this temporary diet is good, you’re already halfway to fingering the offending ingredient, excluding it, and solving your allergy problem. Unlike humans, who quickly grow bored and break dietary rules, pets often happily dine year-in, year-out, on the same old low-allergy diet.

Jean also covers Food Allergies in Cats with Dr