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This awesomely designed set of two bowls comes with a metal stand for optimum stability. The stand also assists in effortless cleaning the feeding area and also elevates the bowls so that your cat is in a comfortable posture while feeding. The bowl’s capacity is enough to carry enough food to satisfy your cat since each bowl has eight-ounce volume.

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The above video was intended to be funny. It sort of is (sort of) but for us at Cat Faeries we are all about harmonizing multi cat households and we know that each cat needs their own food bowl to keep fighting and stress levels down. Food bowls should also be as far apart as possible for privacy because most cats need the feeling of safety and knowing that others can’t steal their food.

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Small dog or cat food and water pet dish pet bowl ceramic walnut double diner feeder designer The bowl is raised, a position that helps your cat eat and digest food properly. Therefore, your cat’s digestion issues will be minimal. The bowl is made from eco-friendly and recyclable polypropylene plastic, and you can easily clean its top rack using a dishwasher.

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Do you like traveling with your cat for adventures? Let the pet be comfortable while on the go just as it feels when it is indoors. With Comsun 3-pack Foldable Expandable Cup Dish, you can conveniently feed your cat from a bowl that is made from Food-Grade silicone material that doesn’t contain any lead, thus safe for your pet’s health.

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Does your cat experience whisker stress? Maybe you’ve noticed him pulling food out of the bowl and eating it on the ground, or does she only eat out of the center of the bowl and leave food around the edges? Some cats can even pace around the bowl, hungry but not eating, or even get aggressive with other animals in the house during meal time. These are all signs of whisker stress.Purchasing the right dish is as important as buying the right cat food. If a cat refuses to eat from a specific cat bowl it can become an expensive exercise finding the right dish for a fussy cat!Whisker stress, also known as whisker fatigue, is caused when a cat’s whiskers are forced to come in contact with the edges of their food bowl or dish. Since a cat’s whiskers are extremely sensitive, this is quite uncomfortable and can cause irritation. This new bowl from Dr. Catsby is a great solution!As soon as the allowed dog or cat walks up to the food bowl, the door will open for them to eat (assuming they have the correct microchip), and when they walk away, the door to the food will close. This technology not only keeps the food hogging pets from devouring someone else's food, but will keep the food from drying out, and keep babies from digging around in the dog food.