The Cat Food ball is a toy and a food dispenser

Just imagine your kitty’s face if their toy started dispensing treats during playtime. I mean, even the laziest cats wouldn’t be able to resist running around after a fun ball that drops out tasty kibbles. Well, that’s exactly what PetSafe FUNKitty Egg Cersizer does. As soon as your cats starts rolling this cat treat dispenser toy, food comes out through the various opening on the ball. In case you don’t want the treats to be easy to access, you can adjust the number of open holes. This way, your Bengal cat will have to work for the hidden yummies!

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The Catit Treat Ball is recommended for cats of all ages and sizes. The adjustable holes make it easier for you to control the food dispensed to your cats. It’s very effective in slowing down your cat’s eating pace, reducing their weight and chances of vomiting due to overeating.

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New Pet Dog Cat Food Dispenser Toy Ball Squeaky Giggle Quack Sound Training Toy Chew Even though this ball toy food dispenser is not an automatic solution, I recommend it with no reserves for cats that eat any size of food (you can adjust the holes on it). It is a very good toy to re-educate your cat if your pet shows bad eating behavior, for example, eating too fast and stealing your other pet’s food. It is also perfect to keep your indoor cat active. This toy feeder is especially for cats that:

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Get ready, set, play. Shape up your cat with the SlimCat food dispenser. SlimCat is a food distribution ball and a cat toy in one. When your cat plays and moves the ball, it distributes an adjustable amount of food. SlimCat can also help reduce unwanted behaviors such as scratching or aggression. Our SlimCat is compatible with most dry cat foods.

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Here’s a very easy toy to make, and the only items you’ll need are a paper towel roll, some scissors, and some tape. Follow the instructions in the video to make a fun little treat-dispensing ball that your kitty can bat around. This one will allow your cat to use her hunting instincts and challenge her to play for her food, reducing boredom.This food dispenser is a great toy for cats who are not yet familiar with food dispensing toys. It’s easy for them to discern the ball’s reward system, encouraging them to play more and get fed which creates a cycle of activity for your cat to benefit from.
It is made of FDA-approved plastic which is completely safe and washable.The is a ball-shaped toy that dishes out food as it’s rolled around. It has adjustable holes to give you control over how much food it should dispense. This toy is very helpful in slowing down your cat’s feeding and overing in one meal sitting.Greebo's size and weight has presented some amusing problems. Firstly, within a year he became too big to get through the cat flap so I had to replace it with a small dog flap. He became too big and heavy for the platform on one of their scratching posts so I had to replace it with a bigger and stronger platform made from decking. They love their decking to sit on in the evening and look out onto the back garden through the living room French doors. And not knowing his strength he has a tendency to break their cat toys where he whacks them too hard, including their interactive food distributor ball; one broke in half so we got two replacements which have survived his battering albeit the dispenser regulators at the top have broken off with constant bashing but they still work and they still give our cats hours of fun while they feed.