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The page lists reviews of the most popular commercial cat food brands. It is a cat food advisor of sorts in the sense that there is a rating system in place. Cat foods loaded with harmful and unnecessary ingredients receive a low rating. Foods with higher quality ingredients and less filler receive a higher rating.

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Some of the cat food reviewed in this article contain corn as a primary ingredient. In spite of considerable digging, the Cat Food Advisor couldn’t find any pet food research on corn that was substantial and unbiased as to if it should or shouldn't be in cat food. It seems that the most glowing studies about the nutrient value of corn are mostly sponsored by the pet food industry itself or related organizations.

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Below you’ll find a list of the Advisor’s suggested raw dog foods. Of course, this list should not be considered a complete catalog of all the raw dog foods on the market.To change things up a bit, the Cat Food Advisor is going to take a look at this wet cat food offering. Introduced in 1982, is still one of the most popular brands of wet cat food available today.Good nutrition is vitally important to your cat’s health. With an overwhelming variety of brands and types, it’s virtually impossible to choose the right cat food for your favorite kitty without a little assistance. So, to help you figure out what’s best for your cat, the Cat Food Advisor has carefully researched some of the most popular brands to determine what makes them good and draw attention to some things you may want to watch out for. has a touching back story. The Bishop family had a large breed Airedale who lost a long battle with cancer. This inspired the Bishops to research pet food, consulting with a leading veterinarian and animal nutritionist. That research brought about the Blue brand, named after their beloved dog. Even the Cat Food Advisor shed a tear on this one.