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PetLock Plus for Cats contains the same active ingredients as Frontline Plus for Cats. PetLock Plus for Cats is a monthly spot on treatment and preventative that kills fleas, flea eggs and larvae, chewing lice, mosquitos, mites and ticks. It is fast-acting,...

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Flea and tick products range from pills given by mouth to collars, sprays, dips, shampoos, powders, and “spot-ons,” liquid products squeezed onto the dog’s or cat’s skin usually between the shoulder blades or down the back. A few spot-on products are available for flea control in ferrets, and fly and tick control in horses.

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Flea and Tick Control for Cats - Doctors Foster and Smith Hi Yvonne,You could see if there are some vet schools or cheaper vet clinics in your area that will give you a discount based on your income. Some vets have a bin of donated medicines they offer to lower income clients or people who bring in strays for emergency treatment before they can get the stray to the shelter.Make sure you’re not giving him flea/tick meds right before or after a bath. If you use a flea/tick collar instead, which may be the cheaper option for you, make sure you read the instructions carefully. It might not work as well if your dog already has fleas and ticks, for example.Bathing your dog too often might contribute to the reason he’s so dry and itchy. When you do bathe your dog, let the shampoo sit on his skin for several minutes, just like you would for conditioner in your own hair. Talk to your vet about medicated shampoos and see if they can provide a discount.I hope these tips help. Thanks for reading!

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Advantage II is a monthly flea preventative for dogs and cats that offers comprehensive flea protection by killing adult fleas, larvae, and eggs. Plus, it kills fleas through contact, which means fleas don't have to bite your pet to die. Advantage II also treats, prevents, and controls lice on dogs. Advantage II does not kill ticks, so we recommend using the along with Advantage II (dogs only). Advantage II for small cats 5-9 lbs can also be used for ferrets weighing 1 lb or over and 10 weeks of age or older.

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If you're concerned about ticks, will kill both fleas and ticks. You'll still have to give another medication to , but you'll avoid the sticky mess of a topical flea and tick treatment. If you treat your pet seasonally for fleas, a combination flea and heartworm product probably isn't right for you. Instead, you can give your pet during flea season to kill the adult fleas while continuing your usual year-round. For dog owners who want to control both fleas and ticks, another option is . Made by the same company that makes Advantage II, K9 Advantix II contains the same ingredients, plus an additional ingredient called permethrin that kills ticks and mosquitoes. Permethrin is highly toxic to cats, so K9 Advantix II is for use on dogs only. While permethrin is not generally considered harmful to dogs, reviews from dog owners suggest that K9 Advantix II is more likely to cause side effects than either Advantage II or Frontline Plus. Skin irritation is the most common problem, but a few owners describe more serious reactions. Still, K9 Advantix II appears tobe an effective product for treating both fleas and ticks in dogs.