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Aside from Sentinel and Program (active ingredient: Lufenuron), most products prescribed by a vet to 'treat fleas' in dogs or cats will have an adult flea killing effect (after all, the owner has brought the pet in seeking removal of the fleas he or she can see crawling about on their animal). The trouble with products that 'only kill adult fleas' is that, unless they kill the adult fleas before they get a chance to lay eggs, they do nothing to control the fleas developing and hatching from cocoons (pupa) in the pet's environment. Consequently, any time the owner forgets to maintain the pet's flea protection, the fleas from the environment will get a brief window of opportunity to feed off the animal, lay eggs and continue the flea life cycle. The owner is therefore required to remain extra vigilant with regular flea prevention if hoping that such a product will be enough to resolve the problem.

kills all life stages of fleas 1 month protection easy spot on application water resistant..

A Pfizer study published in Veterinary Parasitology in 2000 looked at the "efficacy and safety of selamectin against gastrointestinal nematodes in cats presented as veterinary patients." 202 cats affected with roundworms and/or hookworms were treated with topical Revolution flea control at normal doses (6mg/kg). Parasite kills were excellent and side effects were not remarkable.

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kills all life stages of fleas 1 month protection water resistant easy spot on application.. There are many brands of medicated shampoos that kill fleas on contact. It is very effective in the short run and will kill all the adult fleas on the cat. Typically the fleas will run to the dry head of the cat and can be picked up. Alternatively a ring of wet sudsy shampoo can be made around the neck before the cat is immersed in water thus creating a barrier.

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Typically the flea shampoo gets washed off as the cat is thoroughly rinsed off. Very little insecticide remains on the cat. Gloves should be worn. It may be necessary to regularly shampoo to kill newly emerged fleas.

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These liquids are typically applied on one area of your cat and can last for a month before having to be reapplied. Many can start killing off fleas in as little as 12 hours. Topical flea treatments for cats include , and . A healthy energetic cat grooming properly can get rid of 50% of its fleas. Not bad. Older and younger cats are not so successful. It is possible that they don't have the skills, or the energy to be as successful.