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Several years ago I realized that many of the people that contact me through the site and on social media refer to rods as “poles”, either catfish poles or fishing poles.

Length of your catfishing pole

Consider a spinning pole - these are generally five to eight feet long and come with spinning reels for light or heavy use. Very popular for heavier spinning use such as that big catfish you're after and its long length is perfect for drift fishing. There's an Ugly Stik spinning rod that's nine feet long and has Shakespeare's quick-taper "clear tip" design, foam grips, a graphite twistlock reel seat with rubber cushion inserts. And it comes with the manufacturer's seven year warranty. These poles can be used for casting, trolling, drift-fishing and tranquil fishing - but be aware of the various added features which can make it an expensive piece of kit.

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Aug 25, 2014 - He took the Ugly Stik and six other kinds of fishing poles and went catfishing The angler that only targets 1–3 pound channel catfish and holds the fishing rod all day has a very different set of needs from the flathead or blue cat hunter that only targets monster cats and leaves the poles in a rod holder for an extended period of time.

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Staats believes that places where flatheads and other fish forage for nightcrawlers are ideal locations for pole sets. “I look for the combination of a steep mud bank near a hole about 15 feet deep,” Staats says. “I can’t prove it, of course, but I can visualize those big flatheads bumping along eroded banks to dislodge worms and other invertebrates. Whatever the reason, these spots do attract and hold flatheads throughout most of the season. I usually set lines in the eddy on the forward edge of these areas, or plant a series of poles along the bank.”

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This tutorial is all about catfish rods, not poles. Not that there’s anything wrong with using a cane pole to catch catfish. I’ve done it for years and it’s actually a really fun way to catch channel cats but selecting a cane pole is pretty self explanatory.
Not interested in investing in another cat toy that your pet may just look at once and then turn his or her nose up to? You can easily make your own fishing pole cat toy. Think about how people used to make fishing poles or the things you used as a kid to make one. A long stick, some string and something attached to the end. A toy can be that simple. An inexpensive toy is probably your best bet, although feathers work well too. Some inventive owners even tie kitty's favorite treat to the end of the string. The key is to encourage your cat to exercise. This is vital to his or her health, especially in a climate where many owners keep their pets inside for safety reasons, and the cats get little physical movement. You can even purchase fishing lures with feathers and fun items at your local Wal-Mart. Just be very cautious that the lure does not have any hooks in it that might harm your cat. Most will have hooks, so you may have to search to find the ones that are hook free. The craft area is another good place to locate feathers and string to make your fishing pole.