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It’s the proprioceptors that deserve our special attention here. Because a cat’s whiskers are so exquisitely sensitive, it can be terribly irritating to a cat if their food or water bowls are narrow enough to cause the whiskers to touch the sides of the bowl. You may assume your cat is merely being picky about her food, but she could actually be very uncomfortable with the feeding dish – not the food itself.

Dual cat feeding bowls come in a wide range of designs, colors and styles.

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Wooden cat feeder with 2 removable bowls for easy filling and cleaning When getting an elevated pet food you have to check if the bowls that come with it are too deep. If this is the case the height gained with the feeder will be lost by the bowls depth so your cat will still need to bend over to eat.

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The Neater Feeder is the first Mess Proof Feeder for cats and kittens on the market! Our specially designed Cat Neater Feeder is perfect for cats and kittens of all sizes and breeds. Neater Feeder cat bowls can be used for wet or dry cat food and water of course. Our Elevated Cat Feeders truly contain dinner time messes. Cats and especially kittens are curious creatures, and sometimes they play with their food more than they eat it. The Neater Feeder's unique design traps all food particles in the upper container of the feeder, while spilled water caused by human spills or cat messiness drains to the bottom level for easy disposal. You can easily re-use or discard any remaining food left over from meal and playtime. The Neater Feeder Cat Dish can be used either on the floor or placed on the counter. The mess proof design makes it easier to transport food to the counter or the floor, ensuring you cat or kitten gets the full serving of food and water. The protected shell of the Neater Feeder also helps cats dine in private by making it more difficult for other pets to sneak their food. The Cat Neater Feeder comes with one 1 cup standard stainless steel food bowl and one 1.5 cup extra capacity stainless steel water bowl.

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